The capital Simei Wei Gan second child, the remaining three beauties in? Source: Susu said entertainment capital Simei was also known as snow Wei to sweet, ingenue name debut, acting in general, but has a strong background in human hands. Entertainment is popular with such a sentence: snow Wei sweet, very rich. Four are: Bai Bing, Han Xue, Wei Gan, Tian Jing. One of the Wei Gan capital Simei Wei Gan gave birth to a second child son, occupy the headlines. December 2014 Wei Gan gave birth to a pair of cute twin daughters, two fetal time is also very compact, two years of birth of three children, there are children and women, her husband is the music as president of Jia Yueting. Wei Gan Wei Gan graduated from the PLA Art Academy, starred in some movies and TV series, has not been too much attention, looks pure and sweet, but it has not been red, the producer of the network drama "Princess Costume promotion" was an instant hit. Now it seems to be the official return to the family, husband, producer or producer behind the steering work. Bai Bing Bai Bing, graduated from Northwest University of Politics and Law, the second time the Emperor Entertainment, entered the entertainment circle, she has a national piano amateur level ten, she starred in the TV series but also many, and Hu Ge had worked two times, is a "myth" as jade princess, is a "bitter coffee". Shen Li, is the heroine, still play version of "a dream of Red Mansions" adult "Xue Baochai". In 2013 Bai Bing and Ding married in 2014 after giving birth to her daughter, made a cameo appearance in the TV series, Lian Ji played in girls "-" role, not many, now more and more marginalized. Han Xue Han Xue was born in a military family, grandpa is the people’s Liberation Army commander, the mother is doctor, graduated from graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy, published three Gala, 2008, in the National Stadium to attend the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, Han Xue and Lee Hom, RAIN, Tan Jing, Kelly Chan, Shi Peng and other singers singing "I love Beijing, Beijing Beijing", is the actor and singer, 09 years to set up their own studio. Han Xue Han Xue, the personal life is relatively low, whether love or marriage, having children is a mystery, but also rich resources in the entertainment circle, Yan value no problem, acting can also be red. Tian Jing four, the United States and the United States is relatively familiar with the point is that Tian Jing, she and her classmates are in the same class as the other students in the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States is a classmate of the same class, and she is a classmate of. Tian Jing is basically a showbiz big coffee, the first TV series "an epic of a woman" is Zhao Wei, and Liu Ye, film actor such cooperation. After all has been starred in the female one, the most concerned about is a collection of Honglei Sun, Kim Hee Sun, and so on, the star of the film, "the Warring States", and so on, the role of the female one, starring in the film, "the Warring States" of the world, such as "the Warring States" of the world, such as "the Warring States" of the world, such as, Wu Zhenyu. Tian Jing has so strong, how much is the dream of an actor, some people a lifetime only encountered such a chance, and Tian Jing is still not yet her homely food, red, perhaps this is the entertainment circle many mysteries about the one. After all, Tian Jing white skin beautiful long legs, but what can not be like the classmate Zheng Shuang smiled was red. More exciting content please close.相关的主题文章: