Health Every training session you do, every time you eat according to your healthy plan or prepare a healthy meal, every bit of general activity you do each day is putting money in your own personal ‘body bank account’. Deposits are when you stick to your eating plan or exercise programme.  When you eat something that isn’t ideal or when you miss a training session, you are making a withdrawal. The aim is to treat our bodies as a savings account (with no overdraft allowed…) not a credit card that is maxed to the limit! It is easy to keep spending when we have credit cards at our disposal, but now is the time to metaphorically cut them up. You will not lose weight if you are constantly withdrawing from an account with non-existent funds. If you have enough funds ‘saved up’, or if you have been eating well and exercising consistently, you can justify having earned a ‘withdrawal’. You don’t have to stop having treats altogether by any means, but you do need to make sure that the balance tipped in the right direction if you expect to get the results you are after – and think of the satisfaction you will feel when you do get those results! Thinking like this can really help you get your head around the concept that it is the little things that make all the difference, when applied regularly and consistently.  It can help you see how something that might seem so small as to be insignificant, such as taking the stairs every day, can, over time, add up to big savings!  It can also help you realise just how damaging that daily cookie and sugary coffee-based drink can be to your fat loss goals.  No matter what exercise or nutrition changes you are making, the key to success is consistency.  Most diet approaches will work if regularly and consistently applied.  Thinking about your ‘Body Bank Account’ can also help you to get rid of an ‘all or nothing’ approach to nutrition and exercise.  We all want to give it our all when we start, but then a minor deviation can make us feel like we’ve blown it all.   But that is like saying ‘oh no, I’ve just spent £100 on a pair of shoes, I’ve ruined it now so I must go and blow the rest on a new car’!  You can suddenly see how illogical that thought process is, can’t you? Your new ‘Body Bank Account’ response to over-indulging would be to make sure you start re-paying straight away, to offset the indulgence.  This is how many ‘naturally’ thin people behave – we often look at people who seem to be able to eat ‘anything they want’ but if you were to look more closely at their habits you would see that they allow themselves the odd treat, usually don’t go overboard as they aren’t stressing about eating in the first place, but then naturally cut back for the rest of the day, or a few days. So, try thinking about your body in the same was as you might think about your bank account, and watch the fat melt off! Copyright (c) 2010 Caroline Radway About the Author: Caroline Radway is a certified Personal Trainer who wants you to get the fitness and fat loss results that you deserve. She has developed her M.I.R.A.C.L.E Success System and S.I.M.P.L.E. Nutrition System that are proven to get results, fast! Find out more by joining the free member site for resources and ongoing advice => Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Health 相关的主题文章: