Business As the technology continues to progress, the production of powder metallurgy products in China will be significantly increased. At present, every motorcycle production in China was average use 0.8 to 1.2 kg of powder metallurgy parts, while other countries was up to 2 to 3.5kg, the gap between them reflects the powder metallurgy industry in China is relatively backward. However, with China’s motorcycle industry towards large-scale production, the gap will narrow soon. It is expected that motorcycle"s high-performance iron-based powder metallurgy parts demand will reach 10,000 tons, this is a rare opportunity for developing powder metallurgy industry. The methods of improve the iron-based powder metallurgy parts performance, based on the grounds of safety and durability, the requirements to the motorcycle parts performance is high. Therefore, developing high-performance powder metallurgy materials, especially iron-based materials, is the direction of powder metallurgy development and research priorities, the expansion of applications thanks to its technology continues to progress and maturing. Increase the density, powder metallurgy products produced by traditional resintering process, allows the density up to 7.0 to 7.4g/cm3, physical and mechanical properties were substantial increased, but energy consumption is large, high cost. Dissolved copper or copper alloy into the pores of iron and materials, can make the structural parts which the porosity was more than 10% reduced to 5 % to 8%, improving the mechanical properties. Use metal powder hot forging, heating powder metallurgy sintered billet, forging into structural parts, relative to the billet density can up to 98%, small and uniform grain, improve the strength, toughness and surface hardness. Alloying, for different carbon content of iron and powder materials, if the alloying elements can be activated sintering, balling porosity, solid solution strengthening grain refinement, adding copper powder, nickel powder, molybdenum powder, chromium powder, manganese powder and vanadium powder, can improve the strength, hardness and hardenability, copper powder also have the role of activated sintering and adjust sintering shrinkage. Heat treatment is one of the effective methods to improve the performance of iron powder metallurgy parts, improve strength, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Iron and powder metallurgy products only after heating treatment can be fully play the role. After press molding and sintering, can do the quenching, tempering, aging treatment and chemical surface modification treatment. The commonly used chemical surface of iron-based powder metallurgy materials modification have carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, sulphurizing and alloying, through surface modification treatment and improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Chemical surface modification treatment is generally preferred carburizing (carbonitriding) processing. General requires the density of powder metallurgy structural parts is more than 6.8g/cm3, some of them even as high as 7.6 g/cm3. And the temperature and pressure forming was just the process of this range to produce density parts. The temperature and pressure process is improved on the basis of the powder metallurgy process. The process is heating the powder of mixed with temperature and pressure lubricant and adhesive to 130C-155C, then heated to the above temperature to mold press forming. Compared with conventional processes, the temperature and pressure forming density has about 0.15 to 0.30g/cm3 amplification, play an important role on improving the performance of powder metallurgy products, especially mechanical properties. Can take the advantage of temperature and pressure technology requires a smaller molding pressure can develop high demand and smaller size motorcycle parts. Also can take the advantages of temperature and pressure molded parts has high mechanical properties, in the base of exempting large energy consumption"s heat treatment and other follow-up processes, produce high strength, high precision powder metallurgy parts, to enhance the competitiveness of motorcycle parts. Source: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: