The 31 is no military license only spoiler world arms market? The 31 is no military birth certificate is only the world arms market spoiler? Chinese f -31 fighter, codenamed "falcon Eagle"   F -31 birth, is a public location is exported mainly to the fourth generation fighter, but such high-tech arms export fighter, often political factors dominate, can purchase the high value of four generations of countries in the world today, except Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan (and Chinese special), basically are allies of the United States or protected country partners. Therefore, the market competition has been in a state of inequality. So what is the f -31 international arms market spoiler, special task type or otherwise Chinese "hidden", also need further observation. No military "Zhunshengzheng" background is China f -31 developed second four generation machine, codenamed Falcon eagle". As everyone knows, the development of -31 is the lack of army issued the "birth certificate", now known as a similar type of aircraft is JL-9 Eagle trainer, the "Eagle" has entered the domestic equipment series, military procurement. However, the advanced four generation fighter development difficulty and cost, non mature by annihilate 7 based on the improved "Eagle" trainer can be compared, it is a large system engineering, need long-term stability of the huge financial support by the China aviation industry alone support, I’m afraid not so simple what. Moreover, the current knowledge of the f -31 performance parameters and not enough to attract eyeball especially military, equipped with two MIG -29 engine from RD-93, can only reach the three generation machine level thrust weight ratio, the future if there is no higher thrust engine replacement, its future can imagine. JL-9 Eagle senior trainer f -31 fighter engine tail feature is considered annihilates -31 aircraft "best choice" for the f -31 aircraft, Chinese naval aviation demand may be the largest, in the face of the F-35 aircraft Japan equipment, the -15 generation difference really out there, Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups facing greater pressure. In the aircraft carrier based aircraft equipment, there is a school insisted that the aircraft carrier needs to improve the small and medium aircraft carrier load, for the time being, regardless of right or wrong, but this trend in line with those equipped with small and medium aircraft carrier combat countries. Our existing annihilates -20 annihilates -15 compared to the size slightly smaller, but still be experts and fans think is too huge, either the size or the -31 on behalf of the poor, but this is a "genre" professionals believe that is the best choice for future aircraft carrier "". The world’s main fighter annihilates -31 aircraft size comparison chart imagine biggest advantage compared to the three generation fighter -31 machine is the first flight by stealth fighter -31 prototype that this type of machine because of the engine thrust equipment shortage, does not currently have a supersonic cruise capability. The thrust of the engine also determines the four generation machine — another indicator of super maneuver, and the f -20 complex and advanced aerodynamic configuration (for engine thrust caused by insufficient mobility.相关的主题文章: