That is the title title, Internet Co is what the administrative level? Internet Co is what administrative level? Today, President of the Oriental editor Xu Shiguang bursts of two open letter to Ma Huateng, the two letters a lot of people have seen, carelessness is to say, "I am engaged in the news industry for so many years, what has held what important positions, Ma Huateng you delete me the letter I, I reflected through so many old leadership old friends, you should ignore it, to give me an explanation." What is the cause of WeChat public, "London’s news breakfast" because an article alleged disinformation, deleted article and TITLE 7 days. Engage in content creation, delete the title is often the case. But let the Internet industry people eat melon surprise, Xu editor can destabilize directly to Ma Huateng. This is lesson hecaitou Tencent "news elder brother", to view and method of education do not know where to go in the style to carry out the value of goose factory employees. So strange and rare. You engage in the Internet, I always feel that Ma Yun, the name of the horse, the horse is standing in the middle of the stage of the people of the people, the people who stand in the middle of the stage, the people who are in the center of the stage, the people who stand in the center of the stage, the. See someone named Ma Huateng dare not, amazed. The farmer thought as the world’s largest officer is Chairman Mao, is the second largest county Party Secretary, not mount Taishan. Editor in chief Xu Shiping served as deputy director of the Information Office of the government of Shanghai 10 years ago, is the deputy department officials. Later served as president, chief editor, although there is no clear administrative level. But considering the party secretary Comrade He Jiliang of London is transferred from the post. And the East has been and SMG, Shanghai, and other newspaper units flat level. So Xu is the editor in chief of leading cadres of the genuine goods at a fair price. Dialogue between cadres must be level. For the office of the official Xu editor, Tencent and only one person is eligible to talk to him, that is Ma Huateng, because Ma Huateng is also a departmental level cadres. Where about? In 2015, Ma Huateng was elected vice chairman of the National Youth Federation, ranked seventh. Executive Secretary of the CYL Central Committee and chairman of the National Youth general is vice ministerial level, so the National Youth Federation vice president is the most. Vice chairman of a ranking higher than Ma Huateng, is also a departmental level manager of state-owned enterprises. Since you Ma Huateng is departmental level, then you hand (Xu editor second open letter for the 6 "men"), even delete WeChat Department of the supreme leader Zhang Xiaolong, but also is at the level, of course I and Pony editor Xu words. The main hall of two people conducted on the departmental leadership talk, just like this year No.3 Hospital of Beijing University maternal death accident, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and letters to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University from the right and proper. If the Tencent is Ma Huateng, the president of the unit, Liu Chiping is the deputy department, all BU departments responsible person, nature is at the level of CXO. Vice president of the Deputy level, the rest of the product line director, is the only positive level cadres. Later, there is a search for you to dig goose factory, you look at the salary, but also control the level of their own administrative, consider whether there is injustice. You don’t take it seriously, Alibaba and Baidu people, if the goose factory flat level dug in the past a little injustice. Because their original units are vice相关的主题文章: