Ten years ago this poor boy predicted Ali successfully were all ridiculed mercilessly: WeChat public venture mutual mutual salon more powerful young people don’t laugh, that is your way; don’t laugh at the old, is that you will go to the road. Today, Ali’s strategy is unable to catch up with any Internet Co, Alipay is moving toward the world, and Ma also said at the G20 summit will strive to create world-class e-commerce platform. However, once in 2006, with a show, a little-known Young Ma predicted Alibaba will become the best Internet companies! As a firm, apart from his small eyes, the other portal bosses of the young man’s speech was funny, ironic, expression of disdain in the face to show the most incisive. What do you think you can know what, Ali has the ability to do so, Ali said again. At that time the diminished hc360.com must think this young man is blind to worry about, no logic. However, ten years later, we look at the situation at that time, found that Alibaba has become China’s first, but also gradually to the world. Hc360.com boss is really the face ah. But it is not thought that this guy was a man: Zhang Xiangdong, former network founder and CEO, the partner of softbank. In 2013 civilink became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba, the company merged with the Alibaba’s Ali cloud, continue to lead the Chinese domain name service and cloud computing industry. Have to say, the truth is in the hands of a few people, you do not succeed, there is no right to speak. At that time, Ma told the world about the future trend, but no one can understand him, think he is a liar. And now he stands at the top of the industry, his predictions are confirmed. This is like when Ma Yun founded the Alibaba, not to be optimistic, when foreign guest BBC program, the host had shame, that Ma Yun is not a millionaire; with the bank when Ma Yun founded Alipay to seek cooperation, the bank also ignore, did not think of today’s Ma Yun founded the Alipay led the third party payment the market, banks can only look for ways to suppress alipay. So, young people, what is there to be afraid of failure, there is nothing to laugh at. Experience is given by others, the road is still in their own way.相关的主题文章: