Temperature analysis of the teacher students can effect many university teachers how to sign brains can also brush the face of the school named network, Wen teacher will never need to worry about, as long as the class every day to see whether the students can log on WiFi network. Not only that, college students can brush the face into the campus, where there is a rapid wireless network, minutes of Internet access, the teacher can also through data analysis, quickly grasp the students’ learning dynamics and hobbies. These tall on the technology is provided by China Unicom Network Communication Co., Ltd. Wenzhou branch, yesterday, wireless network and smart campus in Wenzhou University campus scene strategic cooperation signing ceremony, the relevant technical personnel of the company revealed that the smart campus technology will start next year. Campus wireless network coverage can meet million people online if you are a student at the University of Winchester, whether to go to the classroom, library, cafeteria, dormitories, laboratories, no matter which corner to the campus, can receive the "i-WZU" wireless network connected to the Internet, do not worry about network jam, minutes to enjoy fast speed. This network is the scene of the wireless network, according to different scenarios and locations, the installation of different network equipment to meet the different needs of the internet. According to the company’s assistant manager of Campus Ministry Wu Jie introduced, such as a dormitory only 4 people online, and at the same time there is a meeting room or a classroom dozens or hundreds of people on the Internet, then they will according to the different place, install all kinds of network equipment system, meet the needs of the Internet, it can realize the maximization of resources, not the waste of resources and equipment. He also said that the network device is very powerful, up to 8000~10000 people can meet the internet. The teacher in the student answer online questions on the mobile phone when teachers and students used an unified WiFi, but also through the implementation of interactive teaching network. Wen teacher next year can get rid of the traditional way no longer call sign, one named Richard Taoke, time-consuming and laborious, as long as the class, on a mobile phone APP, to see how many students have logged in the wireless network in the classroom, the students who are not logged in, you know who is playing truant. Wu Jie said, this mainly by installing a device receives the WiFi signal in the region in the classroom, the teacher will connect the mobile phone equipment APP, because each WiFi system is the real name system, as long as the teacher login, can see the classroom which the students log on, what the students did not log in, immediately know who is playing truant. In the classroom, the teacher can also issue exercises through the network system, students can be unified on the phone answer. Not only that, but also a strong set of powerful network system to analyze the interests of students, to help teaching. Wu Jie said Wen Wen is the country’s first use of WAVE2 new wireless network system, the system has a powerful data analysis and capture capabilities, according to different time and place for large data analysis. For example, system analysis found that where the network class, most students, then it is likely that the classroom was not good enough; but it can also analyze students’ online behavior, like web browsing which, interested in books, help the teacher to understand the students’ interest, teaching method. Campus life more convenient to turn off the power supply through the phone many advanced technology.相关的主题文章: