Arts-and-Entertainment As I said yesterday a good telemarketer knows when he needs coaching which I did after having a bad day. Today after I arrived at work I started calling with a whole lot of new energy and made my best, guess what my coach came and said to me that there was no need for coaching because I managed to turn it myself and I ended up with 11 orders today. So what did I do then? Yesterday I had four orders when the day was finished but there is one thing I did, by the middle of yesterday I went to listen to my own calls and found some small small things that I could change, today when I came back to work with new energy and a good night sleep I managed to apply what I found wrong yesterday and there it was. Once again if there is a need you should always ask for coaching even if you end up turning it around yourself. Telemarketing is about searching for orders all the time and to be successful at telemarketing is about doing what you know works. I said it many times and I say it again, telemarketing is not about being the top seller every day, telemarketing is about being the top seller every month. If your telemarketing orders is many in total by the end of each month then you have top telemarketing skills. So what was different today from other days? Easy today I was very tired, I said the exact same thing but it sounded a little bit confusing and not so convincing. Today when I had more energy I manage to get more flow and sound more convincing, the top trick to telemarketing success is to have energy, get good sleep, eat enough, exercise and to do what you can to be alert, awake and focused. Focus is very very important, if you fail that you may be failing at telemarketing. Many telemarketers do a lot of other things while they work, I see it at the office all the time, sending SMS, Facebook, Blogging or other not work related stuff. I always only have the programs I need for working open in my .puter, I turn off sound and vibration on my cell phone and do what I can to keep distracting things as far away from me as possible, I even stand up and talk if I feel tired, telemarketing is all about focus. I will give you a tip for focusing that actually really works. If you feel it is hard to focus take a walk, get some fresh air and drink a coffee then go back and make your calls, either standing or sitting down whatever works best for you and remove all distracting objects like facebook or other web pages, then focus your sight at one point when talking to a customer and talk with gestures and speak up LOUD with energy, this is a great telemarketing success winning formula! Sven Hylten-Cavallius is a successful Telemarketer still working as a Telemarketer. He has read a lot of books, got a lot of coaching and is very successful at his work and believes that another seller can give more than a sales coach, because the coach often f.ot how it was when they where selling, Sven is still a seller and do this every day 5 days a week. It is about making Telemarketers understand selling in the basics so they can apply it into their own calls and by that get better results. He also priced this book at a price that is affordable to everyone because of one single reason, he is tired of overpriced products that people need to pay big amounts for even before they get it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: