Taurus, what exactly is a contradiction body? What do you think of the Sohu car mentioned Ford? Is Mr. Henry Ford founded the production line and the T class car, or the track gallop figure never absent Mustang? Or think of once in the Chinese market Yiqijuechen Fawkes, or F-150 that tough without muscle skeleton two? It seems that there will be a small number of people will be the first time think of Taurus, the fate of ups and downs, such as roller coaster models. And the home filled with the spirit of freedom from the wild American wanton publicity is different, for Ford, Taurus is full of contradictions, hope to have numerous Ford, Ford brings a disappointment. With TOYOTA, Honda, Lexus, Acura and other Japanese brands started fast in the U.S. market, small displacement fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly cars began to take a sharp angle, the fate of Ford encountered hitherto unknown impact and predicament. In particular, the advent of the oil crisis, the people of the United States and the size of the big oil tiger models slowly lost interest. Ford has been the main muscle car by the market, crowding, not only sales tend to slump, the financial crisis is also increasingly. Ford needs to fight a battle, in any case can not turn over the boat in their base camp. So, Taurus with Ford almost all hope, and those "fuel-efficient Japanese guys" bar on the front. It can be said that Ford put too much bet on the Taurus body, fortunately, Taurus did not live up to the hope of Ford, Ford will successfully rescued from the crisis. However, after a Taurus story is not smooth, brilliant, suddenly depressed, almost let people forget the existence of silence. It is unknown, so Taurus is a model or constellation, when the United States and the United States and the United States to kill miraculously back, but also came to the Chinese market. With the Ford 1515 strategy of ending the great Taurus, and even become the Chinese car city C a dark horse, from the ABB to prevent the administrative level of the car market to defend, abruptly ripped a hole, once with sales interpretation of "what is the correct posture based on C car city". Today that something is the story line, taurus! Taurus’s predecessor — Ford LTD is the first step to the back, where you come from, where to go, even Sun Wukong monkey has a "pop out" stone story source, and once saved Ford from danger taurus! Taurus is the predecessor of Ford Taurus was a smash hit in the Ford LTD models, launched in 1965, discontinued in 1986, in the 21 years, launched a total of 4 generation models, large displacement engine and wide body size is one of the characteristics of LTD models. At that time, the mainstream of social preferences in the United States is dominated by muscle cars, which can be viewed from a lot of movies one or two. What is LTD? LTD is Luxury Trim Decor, bluntly said is a "luxury". From the positioning of the LTD can be found, the cat相关的主题文章: