Taiwan’s former senior officials: do not let the Taiwan humiliating cheap, clean the new September new network in 18 – tolerance Xinhua Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan military disaster in transit after sacrifice holiday, clean the streets of garbage removal, former army commander Chen Zhenxiang, in the face of the book to the military is not cheap tolerance "posting said," in the war, war to win for the first ", call not to let the soldiers humiliating, become clean and cheap tolerances. He said that the typhoon "Meranti" after crossing and saw a large number of soldiers to act as scavengers, take environmental protection garbage car, even class staff also put up the ranks, see this scene, soldiers become cheap tolerance "can not help but sigh! Chen Zhenxiang said, according to the "disaster prevention law" stipulates that "norms of the central and local disaster relief" has been clear, but now there is no disaster, require troops tightening Taiwan military forces into a set of standing, popular words, central and local government is not "eat Taiwan enough"? Chen Zhenxiang said that he is not against the Taiwan military disaster relief, as long as the major disasters, such as the "921" earthquake, Morach "88" typhoon and other serious disaster, Taiwan of course should not hesitate, devote relief work, should be combined with other resources, play integration power, to reduce to the lowest degree of disaster. He said that the Taiwan army since the implementation of the "lean" and "advance", "the essence of" downsizing after the case, with the army, with few walkers and special forces, if the strike force with these cheap tolerances, but not a waste of public money, because now the volunteer soldier’s pay is 5, 6 times over the compulsory service the training of officers and soldiers and more; deprived of time, extremely easy to cause ", is a blessing for Taiwan division’s veterans tired", Taiwan should not every disaster relief. He said, looking forward to the main Taiwan defense department chiefs, stand up straight, adhere to the "when" and "not to" forget "to part in the war, war to win for the first" rule, also do not let the soldiers humiliating, become clean and cheap tolerances.相关的主题文章: