The students "reading recitation read hot" to be vigilant over the original title: "reading performance need to be wary of excessive heat" performances "in recent years, the classic reading into the campus there is a like a raging fire, but the phenomenon concerns students read almost equal to reading, some have the endorsement, also holding a clip to read." In the two days before the last meeting of the "2016 Shanghai · reading Art Forum, Anhui province elocnte Art Association vice president Anne proposed that only students with vigor loudly," read ", is actually a misunderstanding of reading. Nowadays, all kinds of classic poetry recitation contest, reading, reading activities continue to emerge, but experts believe that, in this "reading hot" is the concept of fuzzy, the art of elocnte "overacting" phenomenon, if unchecked, will make reading zoupian. Recitation is often used as a tool and is often mistaken for a simple means of expression. I have participated in a lot of recitation activities, suddenly felt that recitation was taken seriously, because this form is very good." Anne found that recitation is often used as a tool, because it is not easy to sing, opera performances are not easy, and low reading threshold, seemingly easy. Many people do not know what is the recitation, a head into the. School of communication East China Normal University professor Wang Qun think, read, read, read and recite the extension from big to small, the former include the latter, but in front of the concept of reading behavior does not apply to the back, which mainly depends on the call, text. According to Huang Zhongsu introduced "read law", generally suitable for classical Chinese prose in reading, reading poetry, sing for words, music and short of classical Chinese verse, prose and poem for chant reading, reading is suitable for modern vernacular poetry. Now, read although hot, but a large part of the "hot" in the overhang of the blind expansion of recitation concept and artistic methods, such as Anne worries: only pay attention to "quantity" on the popularization of reading, reading aloud is not divided, the concept actually makes reading more intuitive. Anne noted that a reading festival for several years will be awarded to the first prize, the performing comedy class recitation, "speech is not a bad thing, but to be focused and measured. Out of the recitation, the audience moved the plot, the lack of language can be repeated chewing." There are similar errors in class recitation, as a result of the collective effect of reading aloud, the music and the performance of the recitation tend to exaggerate in the unconscious, the result is to read and stage performances confused. "Reading for beginners language skill is poor, rely on clothing and dance to create an atmosphere of light is generally sound language, auxiliary means." Wang Qun described, even if it is a high level of readers, but also easy to confuse the difference between recitation and acting." Reading should appear rhyme, read out the biggest advantage is the recitation of the beat sound, and cadence, rhythm and musical sound. "Reading to understand the tonal pattern, rhyme, antithesis, must be read so as to show the rhythm of poetry in ancient and deep, meaningful and profound verve." Wang Qun believes that reading must take into account the rhythm, carefully understanding the meaning of words, choose the correct pronunciation. Qu Xianhe, director of the Chinese poetry society, the president of the recital society, and the president of the Beijing recital Society相关的主题文章: