Still against? Jane Zhang mother to talk about her daughter’s marriage: I am in the booklet – Sohu entertainment Jane Zhang today (8) was married, Zhang said she did not receive an invitation to the mother of the world today ().       (source: Sichuan News Network – Chengdu daily) today (November 8th), Jane Zhang Feng Ke’s wedding in Italy, when people began to quietly blessing when things have the new changes. Yesterday (7 days), there are media reports Jane Zhang mother hasn’t received her daughter’s wedding invitation, people in Chengdu, more bluntly: "the invitation Feng Ke said no, Liangying did not say what, because their marriage thing, I am very sad, depressed mood." In addition, she said, still can not accept Feng Ke, before the lawsuit with the first instance of Feng Ke, but also continue to follow the legal process. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters Jane Zhang and his mother for the first time to verify that the other response is true". "Everything that was done in the music house was for Liangying, for her reputation. Anyway, I am still here, I do not know whether such a wedding can be recognized by the law." Before Feng Ke publicly stated that his name all the assets have been transferred to the name of Jane Zhang, asked about the progress of the matter, said Zhang mother just said that the real situation is not clear, Feng Ke. As for the lawsuit against Feng Ke, Zhang mother admitted that October 28th has been the first instance, now take legal proceedings, pending further notice. Subsequently, the Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters Jane Zhang and Italy far to prepare for the wedding of the verification of the matter, perhaps because of the time difference, as of press time reporter, and did not receive two people reply to the matter.   Jane Zhang wedding reception dinner exposure, flowers full of low-key luxury. [Click to view photos]   wedding invitation exposure! Purple Dream Castle wind [Click to view photos] in many year-end results! Jane Zhang Feng Ke in November 8, the wedding in October 8th, net exposure Jane Zhang and Feng Ke will hold a wedding in Italy in Beijing in November 8th, there has been some people received an invitation, there are media reports to its staff confirmed that the news is true. After the news leaked, Feng Ke micro-blog issued a document: "when a love, now finally marry to you", and Jane Zhang announced the marriage. Then Matt culture media chairman Chen Lizhi forwarded Jane Zhang micro-blog, with the text: "the bride don’t get angry, we ignore the blind people. November 8th, the United States and the United states!" Revealed that the two wedding will be held in November 8th. After that, Jane Zhang also forwarded the love Lang’s micro-blog and the sweet response: "you are a song I can not sing".   Jane Zhang Feng Ke and Feng Ke Jane Zhang is sweet love, silent love for 12 years, in July 2015, Jane Zhang was in the Changsha sing on the initiative to publish the two love. In October, Feng Ke at the Chengdu concert in the proposed success of the. Jane Zhang said in an interview, the two will be held in 2016 wedding. It is reported that Feng Ke is the president of the city of Beijing, the era of cultural communication company, he had a marriage, divorce in 2005, his ex-wife with children have emigrated. The road to marriage is not easy! Mother Jane Zhang"相关的主题文章: