SMG, sage reference: Auxerre home court Wenzhongqiusheng sage SMG Auxerre VS 010 Laval Shengping Beijing on October 15th morning 2, B eleventh round league last season ranked eighth in team Auxerre will be based in Abidigansi Stadium against home court last season ranked 13 in laval. The first 10 league 1 wins 3 flat 6 negative into 5 ball lost 12 goals on goal difference advantage behind the last second League home court, has yet to 1 wins, so the worst record for the team management of coach Weijl Lyle moldowan’s coaching ability to lose the trust of the ninth round after the game, the team and moldowan contracts the intention of the team, the next coach is the same league tours, former coach Marco Scimone, last season he coached Tourre received 11 wins score of 14 flat 13 negative, ninth in the standings. In addition, the team of former French striker Djibril Cisse – threw an olive branch, his leg is now heal, and positive for the restoration of physical training, it is likely to sign with the team soon, he had 96 goals scored in France, is a French football history of a legend, such as If he can join the team, will bring vitality to Auxerre. The last few seasons never broke out, the 14-15 season is a master, last season’s draw also reached 48%. This play is tepid, but let the team take B in the middle position, this season and bureau number ones, currently 1 wins 5 flat 4 negative into 6 ball lost 9 ball temporarily ranked 17, although the team record is not satisfactory, but the defense or the performance has been affirmed by the parties, Defender Fu Gu was elected to the ninth League best team, but only defensive team is not winning, the current record to prove this point, lost Aliwei striker striker has no goal too horrible to look at, picking up the banner. Two teams nearly 3 Season 6 times against Auxerre 1 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, the last season two were lost to Laval, obvious disadvantage. The disc 0.86 0.96 Macao chupan Pingban, other companies are from the same handicap and approximate level, which is currently in the stage of the change showed a certain support, note by the Macao is 0.86 even half 0.96 did not make adjustments, other companies are just a slight fluctuation, the compensate compensate 2.10 3 3.80 Libo, instant 2.25 2.80 – 3.80 rose slightly, the main level slightly, objectively reflects the subjective state of the two teams and the offensive and defensive ability. The home team unbeaten, the color selected wins, flat, disc select main let deuce plate.相关的主题文章: