Skoda Kodiaq interior official figure released 5 and 7 optional [Abstract] Skoda officially released the Kodiaq interior official figure, which will be held in September 1st in Berlin a few days ago Skoda released the world’s first appearance of Official Trailer figure Kodiaq, Skoda officially released the car interior official figure, which will be in September 1st Berlin is the world’s first, then the Paris auto show in October unveiled. Skoda Kodiaq interior official figure exposure from the interior the official view, Skoda Kodiaq family with a familiar design, but it is equipped with a new generation of multimedia entertainment system, specific information, but it seems that it will also can make nothing of it, have higher resolution and more clear image display. Equipped with a new generation of multimedia entertainment system provides a 7 seat version of optional seat layout, Skoda Kodiaq standard version will use the 5 seat layout, and will provide a 7 seat version optional. The luggage storage volume normally up to 720 liters, when the rear seat down after a further increase to 2065 liters, can be loaded with 2.9 meters long objects. In addition, the car also will provide Skoda’s "Simply Clever" components, including setting at the door of the umbrella, the trunk of the detachable flashlight, sleep pillow, which will allow consumers to live more comfortable. At the same time, the new car will also provide LED environmental lighting, Canton audio system optional. Luggage storage volume normally up to 720 liters of appearance, from the previous exposure notice can be seen Skoda Kodiaq with a straight waterfall grille, with full LED headlamps sharp, the face has the sense of power. On the very force body, Skoda Kodiaq with a tough line, silver roof rack, integrated side steering lamp rearview mirror and a 18 inch color wheel design is very good. The side is very tough 18 inch wheels color tail, the car uses a C type LED band taillight fashion. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a 360 degree image, parking radar, trailers and other auxiliary functions. C type LED band type tail power fashion, Skoda Kodiaq will be equipped with 1.4T gasoline engine and 2.0T gasoline engine optional, maximum power are respectively 127Ps 152Ps and 183Ps. Diesel, the new car is provided with two different adjustment 2.0T diesel engine optional, maximum power of 152Ps and 193Ps. Transmission system, which is matched with 6 speed manual or 7 speed DSG dual clutch gearbox. In addition, the car also provides optional four-wheel drive version. Skoda KODIAQ will launch more than the new Tiguan copyright statement: This article is Tencent automobile exclusive articles, the copyright for all auto Tencent. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: