Skills of an action let you behave chest – Sohu gave birth to high maternal life ah, come on, take a look at the following action: Action: Yoga:: cow face, this action can make the chest to get fully extended, but also can make the shoulder more flexible, action points: 1 shake hands with hold for 30~60 seconds; 2 eyes straight ahead, keep breathing smooth; 3 working mothers usually sit at a desk can only hand movements, not only breast, but also can relieve back and shoulder fatigue yo ~ strong full chest is a symbol of female body soft, so be sure to take good care of Oh, in addition to the above simple yoga movement, with the massage effect will be better oh ~ – Please pay attention to ————————— more exciting: WeChat public number: cow mother administrative micro-blog (ID:nainiu_mama) micro-blog: cow mother administrative micro-blog相关的主题文章: