Sichuan and the taking of land demolition case: cadres and villagers partnership cheat million – Sohu news Chengdu on November 13th news, some grassroots cadres and villagers in 3 years, taking the national land acquisition compensation of up to 20 million; a shantytowns project is down 18…… Recently, Sichuan and many grassroots cadres taking case of land acquisition and resettlement compensation funds. Xinhua viewpoint reporter conducted a follow-up survey. Frontline staff partnership crime in April 2015, the letter reflects Panzhihua City East Yinjiang town a Shu Da Cun civil disputes JuBaoXin, caused by the Eastern District procuratorate anti-corruption police officers note. Along this trail, the village of 32 people involved in illegal taking the national land compensation scandal surfaced. The case involved a total of 5 national staff, 3 commissioned public servants, 8 village cadres and the villagers of the 16. The amount ranging from 10 thousand yuan to 1 million yuan, a total of taking the national land compensation 20 million yuan. The problem of land requisition and resettlement in the village of Da An is not isolated. Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau of statistics data show that the first half of this year, Sichuan were investigated involving rural land development and utilization of resources in the field of crimes 108 people, accounting for half of the total number of agriculture related areas of poverty alleviation and 23%. Reporters found that the compensation by taking the often large amount of front-line staff, partner of the crime. Guangyuan City District solution Yan shantytowns, the village, community, street, demolition of a total of 18 staff members were arrested, 18 people subject to disciplinary action, 7 people were transferred to judicial organs, recovered funds more than 450 yuan. Taking most of the funds by individuals like part of misappropriation. In the solution of Yan shantytowns, Wangjiang community cadres Liu XX take "earth move" approach, the collective has misappropriated 790 thousand yuan compensation for personal expenses, and lend to others, even put up usury, seek high profits. The villagers "found" money "cadre investigation by the reporter, the same modus operandi cases: grassroots cadres and the street gang up, through inflated land area and ground attachments form of cash compensation, get high compensation. Virtual land acquisition and removal area of processing plots. In the survey found that the anti-corruption police officers the Department reached Woan, 2012 expansion project of Panzhihua tailing land, part of the land has been tailing flooded, but many of the villagers are said to have "area of underwater home". Due to the underwater area can not be measured in the field, some villagers will work out the relationship between the food and drink, but also to the village cadres to write proof, seal, fill in the number of measurements in the land. Among them, the villagers from the east side of the staff to cooperate with the Panzhihua East soil levy Office staff Zhang Shiliang, President of the four society, such as president Yang Yuanping, inflated by more than and 10 acres under the water area, defrauding land compensation of $370 thousand. Virtual land acquisition project items. In accordance with the provisions of the land acquisition project is the key part of appendage compensation object, grassroots cadres and staff in the land is out of thin air, appendages block falsifying no main tomb, ponds, trees, cheat compensation. A village of the original Pu Yang Zhen Village in Dujiangyan city.相关的主题文章: