Finance You can find apparel stores almost anywhere you look. A mall is full of them, and they are mainstays in other shopping centers as well. We all need clothing, so therefore we all need to shop in apparel stores. Most people like to shop in such stores, but for me, I always seem to loathe going inside. Not only do I feel out of touch, I feel .pletely and totally lost in a sea of possibilities. You might say I don’t have any one style of clothing I like, I just buy what catches my eye. This leaves me spending a lot more time in apparel stores than I would like. Some apparel stores are just too much for me. Take Old Navy for example. I like their stuff, and the prices are great, but I don’t like to shop there. Not only do I feel like I have wandered into the wrong store, I have to dodge salespeople the entire time I’m there. I have been asked if I would like an Old Navy card I don’t know how many times, and it seems they won’t take no for an answer. Apparel stores need to understand that it’s ok to get people to sign up, but you really have to watch your sales tactics. For every three people they sign up, they alienate three more. Other apparel stores have the opposite problem. Forget finding someone to help you, and please don’t even consider trying something on to see if it fits. You will either be .pletely ignored, or you will have someone trying to get into your dressing room with you to give you his or her opinion. Thanks, but really, I can try on my own clothes. There should be a happy medium, but most apparel stores don’t seem to know what that is. Maybe they don’t offer their sales staff enough guidance, or they put them under impossible pressure to sell. I do like apparel stores like JC Penney’s or Sears, just for the atmosphere. Because these stores have more than just clothing, they most definitely aren’t chasing you around the store. They aren’t asking you to sign up for something the moment you walk in the door. They wait until you are ready to check out before they ask, if they ask at all. I have found that when I do need help, however, it is easy enough to find someone to help. These types of apparel stores will always have my business. I hope others follow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: