"Shenzhen scenery Chi" system to show Shenzhen local folk scenery — Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: "Shenzhen scenery Chi" starting in November 27th, Shenzhen’s first large-scale scenery theme series "Shenzhen scenery Chi" (First Edition) in Shenzhen Center Bookstore first. The series will be based on the mining of local culture in Shenzhen, Shenzhen to find "nostalgia in the local folk custom in the scenery". "Shenzhen scenery Chi" series is published by the Haitian press, planning more cultural dissemination of the heavy book, from early 2014 to November 2016 planning idea, the first series was published, which lasted nearly two years. The first series consists of volume, volume and folk delicious local customs and practices traditional architecture volume three volume, and invited Shenzhen local researchers, such as Zhang Yibing at the helm of Liao Honglei compilation. The book tells the local history, customs, food, architecture, natural ecology and other local cultural stories in a plain and vivid way. Liao Honglei lived in Shenzhen, "Shenzhen scenery Chi" the combination of his study of Shenzhen local culture for decades. A large number of first-hand information is "beyond the pale" exclusive collection to. In the past thirty years, Zhang Yibing has taken nearly 200 thousand pictures of the local ancient buildings in Shenzhen. Almost every building has been investigated and drawn on the spot, and many of them have collapsed and disappeared in the process of urbanization. And these precious records are systematically presented in the book. At the same time, in order to better show the Shenzhen local customs, with the painting students series invited Shenzhen Polytechnic College of art and design, reflect the intergenerational transmission of local culture. Haitian press relevant responsible person said, hope to the people of Shenzhen will be more spread in the local traditional culture knowledge, through the establishment of historical context, calling on the city’s understanding and love, increasing awareness of home ownership of the public, but also the full depth, and full of wit and humour scenery of Shenzhen at home and abroad more readers. (reporter Han Wenjia) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)

《深圳风物志》系统呈现深圳本土民俗风物–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:《深圳风物志》首发   11月27日,深圳第一部大型风物主题丛书《深圳风物志》(第一辑)在深圳中心书城首发。该丛书将立足深圳本土文化的挖掘,在本地民俗风物中寻找属于深圳的“乡愁”。   “深圳风物志”系列丛书是由海天出版社出版,越众文化传播策划的重磅图书,从2014年初策划构思,到2016年11月第一辑正式出版,历时近两年。第一辑分风土人情卷、民间美味卷与传统建筑卷三卷,并邀请深圳本土研究学者廖虹雷、张一兵等掌舵编纂。   该书通过平实生动的方式,讲述本地历史、习俗、美食、建筑、自然生态等各类本地文化故事。廖虹雷世居深圳,《深圳风物志》凝聚了他几十年来对深圳本地文化的考察研究。大量的第一手资料都是他“踏破铁鞋”独家收集而来的。张一兵在过去三十年间,拍摄了近20万张深圳本地古建筑的图片资料,几乎每座建筑都做到实地勘测、绘结构图,其中不乏在城市化进程中彻底倒塌、消失的屋宇。而这些珍贵的记录,都在书中系统呈现。同时,为更好地呈现深圳本土风情,丛书邀深圳职业技术学院艺术设计学院的师生绘画配图,体现本土文化的代际传承。   海天出版社相关负责人表示,希望丛书将向更多深圳人传播本土传统文化知识,通过历史文脉的建立,呼唤对城市的了解与爱,增加市民的家园归属意识,同时也向国内外更多读者介绍饱含深度、同时妙趣横生的深圳风物。(记者 韩文嘉) (责编:袁俪芸、王星)相关的主题文章: