"Low cost social sharing refrigerator" mutual reciprocity more warm – View – Fujian Quanzhou City, people.com.cn first "share the refrigerator" appeared in Licheng District South Street enforcement section in Xiang Xiang Jun beef restaurant near the hotel entrance, and residents can be their own surplus and complete food into the ice box, refrigerator open 24 hours there is a need, people can feel free to take. In October 13th, the "Quanzhou Evening News" in daily life, some "leftover" food is easy to be thrown into the dustbin. Sharing the refrigerator can not only avoid the waste on the tongue, but also help to send the food to the people in need, to optimize the allocation of resources to build a low-cost society. For the participants, the sharing of the refrigerator to provide them with a platform for social exchange. Today my family more than two vegetables, I found a few can eat the bread in the refrigerator tomorrow; share "as" a type of sharing economy "," share the refrigerator "help" for all, all for my letter; everyone is "sharing economy" the builder, everyone is a beneficiary of the "sharing economy". As a kind of public welfare measures emerging, "share the refrigerator" not only effectively benefit others, also take care of the dignity of others and dignity, let the folk charity in a more flexible manner, more temperature. Sharing refrigerator to build a platform for social interaction, so that the two sides to participate in charity do not meet, do not know, to avoid those who have been helped by the weak psychological world is hurt. Although do not meet, do not know, well intentioned people can still help others because of a sense of gain, the weak can also feel the arrival of other people’s kindness and concern. However, the risk of increasing uncertainty in the community, sharing refrigerator is also facing some pressure and challenges. On the one hand, the hotel and the residents are placed in the shelf life of food, whether they are in line with food safety standards? On the other hand, sharing refrigerator will encounter other people’s damage, remains to be seen. In addition, the need to invest in the refrigerator to run a certain amount of electricity and labor costs, the restaurant can always do not forget the beginning of the heart, adhere to the end? Once the lack of strong risk prevention, sharing refrigerator may be reduced to a risk refrigerator". "To make the best use of the refrigerator to share" cannot do without people’s awareness of the rules and public spirit. From the experience of Shanghai and other places, "share the refrigerator" will encounter the "tragedy of the commons", the food was taken out in ten minutes, some people even want to pack away. Only to enhance the awareness of risk prevention, and improve the implementation of the operating system, "share the refrigerator" will be less "loopholes" space. Only the disadvantages, "share the refrigerator" in order to achieve the desired effect, for the construction of low cost to contribute to society. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: