Shanghai to developers to buy land penetration Management: check can not be checked up, China Securities Network reporter from a Shanghai banking executives understand that, at present, Shanghai city planning and land resources administration has been the developer of land auction funds to penetrate management. "Where to get the money to item company, which transferred from what company account, check to check on the date, the bank executives said:" in addition to capital especially strong large enterprises, the central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises, housing prices generally take money can afford through checking it." According to the twenty-first Century economic report 3 news, reporters from the banking industry in Shanghai data show that, 1-8 months, the national real estate investment funds sources, the enterprise own funds accounted for less than 15%. At present, regulators and local regulators are jointly "multi pronged approach" to reduce the financing lever of housing prices. Shanghai set up a joint group in October, the developers auction land penetration checks. In October 28th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued "on the implementation of real estate, excess industry corporate bonds classified supervision" letter, clear real estate enterprises’ corporate bonds raised funds shall not be used to purchase land. At the same time, the provisions also refine the access threshold of housing prices bonds. Hot news: rail line 18 station on the starting point of 8 stations in the simultaneous construction of IKEA old age: blind corner talk about friends can live together the House bill is spell exposure in Shanghai without paying extra fees not more 4S shop selling cars have been rife in the transfer list of female teachers had questioned cited a doctor fracture (Figure) against man stop being shouted Lao Tzu police stopped money withdrawal request ticket (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai temperature rise daily maximum temperature up to 23-24 degrees over the weekend

上海对开发商买地款穿透式管理:查到不能查为止   中国证券网讯 记者从一位上海银行业高管处了解到,目前上海市规划和国土资源管理局已经对开发商竞拍土地的资金进行穿透式管理。“拿地的项目公司的钱哪里来的,从哪个公司什么账户转过来,查到不能查下去为止”,该银行高管表示:“除了资金特别雄厚的大房企、央企、地方国企,一般房企拍地资金都经不起这样的穿透检查。”   据21世纪经济报道3日消息,记者从上海银行业人士处获得的数据显示,1-8月,全国房地产发开投资资金来源中,企业自有资金仅占不到15%。目前监管部门和各地监管正联合“多管齐下”降房企融资杠杆。   上海在10月成立了联合小组,对开发商竞拍土地款进行穿透核查。10月28日,上交所发布《关于实行房地产、过剩行业公司债券分类监管的函》,明确房地产企业的公司债募集资金不得用于购置土地。同时,该规定还细化了房企发债的准入门槛。   热点新闻:   轨交18号线起点站开工 8座车站同步建设中   宜家老年相亲角:可谈朋友可同居 房子钞票是魔咒   曝上海4s店额外收费多 不付费不卖车已成风   女教师入居转户名单引质疑 曾将医生打骨折(图)   男子违停遭处罚大喊老子有钱 拦警车要求撤罚单(图)   天气预报:   上海气温逐日回升 周末最高温可达23-24度相关的主题文章: