Shandong a car driver posing as the success of fraud 40 times campus Belle was detained Yang Moufa in the online video recently, Jiaozhou police through careful deployment of Internet pornography uncovered fraud, suspected fraud suspects Yang (male, 26 years old, Jiaozhou city) arrested the suspect Yang in his QQ space, posing as a well-known Shanghai College campus Belle, do bait by uploading pornographic pictures and video release, called prostitute information on the Internet, is reluctant to use the victim mentality set defraudation, once succeeded immediately after its pull black delete contact. Police investigators emotion, after the incident, many victims take into account the social image, work, family and other factors do not cooperate with the police investigation, the police detective work has brought a certain degree of difficulty. This year just graduated from the University of Xiao Xu (a pseudonym) told the students to find a job in Jiaozhou, a chance, Xiao Xu met online network called "small woman" netizen, while browsing her QQ space and personal information, is greeted by pornographic pictures and video to a person, interact with users in the open publication called prostitute information, so Xiao Xu quickly called the police. After receiving the alarm, Jiaozhou City Public Security Bureau police brigade and Jiaodong police station immediately embarked on "Little Women" QQ investigation carried out for a period of time, to master a lot of evidence, at the same time, to determine the true identity of "Little Women" for the city of Jiaozhou Yang Ge Zhuang li. In October 1st, after careful investigation, police locked Yang, police decisive attack, will publish pornographic pictures and false information called prostitution suspects Yang captured in the QQ space, the police surprise, this QQ nicknamed "little woman" Yang was a young man, he pornographic pictures the release of the video and is easily download from the Internet, release is intended to entice men to take the bait, so as to achieve the purpose of fraud. Originally, in 1990, Yang was born on weekdays when express driver, one day he pulled one of the passengers, the passengers with their own money "tells the story of a good way, Yang is difficult to resist the temptation of money possessed by ghosts, began planning the network called prostitution fraud to defraud the trust, Yang Shanghai some of the well-known colleges and universities campus Belle’s personal information and upload the photo into a" small woman "of the QQ space, and add a large number of network called prostitute QQ group and one night stands in the forum, QQ group and forum published called prostitute information, in order to win the trust of the victim, the special nature of Yang" express driver "of this job. Each to a new place, to be released on the net with the surface state today to × × ×, to grasp the information about". Once the consultation and requirements for transactions, Yang will verify whether each other sincerely trading name, asked the victim to pay piaozi, sometimes encounter people who do not believe, I will send each other with others trading Alipay screenshots, in order to win the trust of each other, these screenshots is Yang by drawing tools made out of that purpose is to defraud the trust of each other. Many victims can’t distinguish between true and false, and possessed by ghosts difficult to resist the temptation, will not add anti newspaper相关的主题文章: