SEO At the same time of Google’s announcement that they are to launch a startup enterprise incubator in South Africa, SEO South Africa is also pleased to announce the launch their SEO website in direct support of the initiative, so as to offer discounted high-quality web design services, incorporating SEO assistance to the startups. Google has announced that it will be launching a startup enterprise incubator in South Africa. The .pany, Umbono, a Zulu word for "vision" or "idea", is to be based in Cape Town with the aim to support web- and mobile-based startups by offering them finances (from US$25K-50K), local connections, offices, tutorials and mentorship, advice from Google experts and representatives, access to seed capital and angel investors. Umbono is to be structured with a 6-month programme with five chosen startups selected by the .pany’s panel. They will have access to Umbono’s free office space, bandwidth, and a mentorship network of experts who will advise on issues ranging from "product design and .mercialisation to incorporation and valuations", according to a Google spokesman. Cape IT Initiative, a non-profit organisation, has been lobbying Google for years for Cape Town to be.e the IT hub of technological innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cape Town is also the home of "Silicon Cape", another initiative focused on technical entrepreneurship in South Africa. After Silicon Valley in the US and Bangalore in India, the Umbono project hopes to highlight and globalise talent on an international level, casting of best IT professionals as the actors who will add value to the real need of African enterprise by "incubating" changes that Africa has needed in this domain for quite some time. Umbono is accepting applications from technical entrepreneurs for its first round of incubation, which is open to all South African citizens. Google recently announced that it was: "Bringing together seed capital, Google mentorship, angel investors, local tech stars, entrepreneurs and business leaders". It also announced: "The Umbono programme will help selected internet- or mobile-focused startup teams transform their ideas into .panies." Johanna Kollar, Umbono’s programme manager, remarked on the programme: "Our mentor base is a key .ponent of the Umbono programmeOur experts Googlers from around the world who are volunteering their time are passionate about technology in Africa and will be able to help teams with the challenges they face, whether it be on the product, business or technical front." Luke McKend, country manager for Google South Africa, added: "The South African tech scene is incredibly dynamic, particularly in Cape Town. We’ve seen some terrific start-ups .e from this environment, .panies like Yola, MXit and Twangoo. Google’s latest investment with Umbono is a great extension of our overall strategy in the region to strengthen the web ecosystem." SEO South Africa will be keenly watching the rollout of this project as we will add value to the overall innovation structure within the country. With our expertise in the SEO field and with South Africa the hub of broader technical innovation on the continent, our aim is to support this valued initiative. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: