Travel-and-Leisure Attractions in Boston .mon When in Boston, you should not miss the Boston .mon, one of the most popular attractions of the city. It is a pin for the Emerald Necklace, an arrangement of parks that twist through different parts of the city. The park has a four centuries history and it has been a witness to public executions as well as to military troops displays. Pope John Paul II, Martin Luther King Jr. and Gloria Steinman spoke to the public here. Nowadays, the park is a public one, open to the .munity. You can view many historical monuments here. Here you can see several important monuments of the city. The Parkman Bandstand is a monument dedicated to George F Parkman, who greatly contributed to the preservation of the park. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument honors the Civil War troops and it is situated on the Flagstaff Hill. The Frog Pond is great for children to enjoy the summer days and it is also used for skating in the winter. Getting Around Boston Downtown The downtown area of Boston is the most vibrant area of the city and it contains the administrative and financial heart of the city. Here the tourists can visit important attractions of the city like the Boston Public garden or the Boston .mon. People choose this area for booking their Boston ac.modation because of the historical points of interest that are all over the place. You can visit here the house where Benjamin Franklin spent his childhood. The modern area of the center of Boston features modern architectural elements such as condominiums buildings and sky scrapers. The Government Center of the city is conveniently located downtown, in the proximity of the Boston Financial district. If you like shopping, this part of Boston is ideal for you. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace has more than one hundred shops available to browse and countless restaurants. You can do all the shopping you might want, since there are many department stores and malls here. Boston Beaches Boston is a city on a harbor and it is a waterfront city, so you need to pass the downtown area for getting to some beaches where you can swim. There are many beaches there with great sand and you can go there easily with the subway. Carson Beach is a part of a continuous swath of shoreline that goes down from the Castle Island. This is a beach that has been greatly improved in the last years, with new lightning, benches, restrooms and shade shelters. You can also find bocce courts, chess tables and water fountains nearby. The Savin Hill Beach is another place where you can go for a swim in Boston and it is situated near Malibu Beach and here are numerous playgrounds and other facilities for children. Revere Beach is another good beach in Boston that is perfect for families to have plenty of fun. Boston Freedom Trail Because of its size, Boston is an accessible city and it has a reputation as a walking city. This relies on Freedom Trail, one of the Americas first historic walking tours. The tourists can walk on this road and visit sixteen historical sites on a three hours journey among two and a half centuries of American history. All the historic sites located on the trail are linked with a painted or red brick line as a guide to the tourists. You can schedule an entire day to walk on the Freedom Trail and enjoy the various exhibits or leisure places that are available here. If walking for so many hours might be.e difficult, get a ticket for a tour at the visitors Center. Unofficial trolley tours of the road are available as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: