Samsung Electronics President: why will conduct a thorough investigation of the Note7 fire and truthfully Beijing October new network – in 27, reveal to the public according to Korean media reports, Samsung IM (IT and mobile communications) division is responsible for Shen Zongjun 27, held at the Seoul headquarters of Samsung EGM, Galaxy Note7 fire incident apologized to shareholders and the whole consumers, and that will conduct a thorough investigation of the cause of the accident, and truthfully announced the results of the survey. Samsung Note7 mobile phone market in the world in 10 countries in August 19th this year, but launched less than two weeks, but reported the news of the explosion of fire, forcing Samsung in September 2nd announced the sale of the mobile phone, and a global recall of millions of Note7, free replacement. This month, 11, Samsung announced the suspension of the fire incident occurred Galaxy Note7, starting from the date of the replacement of new products and return, replacement and return will be as of this year, in December 31st. Shen Zongjun stopped production on Note7 said, although it will bring a huge burden on the company, but the company gives priority to the safety of consumers, and ultimately made the decision. He said: Although we hope to provide users with the most cutting-edge technology through the Note7 product experience, but the battery is a controversial issue. In this regard, we deep introspection, and will carry out stringent checks on all aspects of mobile phone hardware, software, process of production, logistics, find out the root cause of the fire inside the battery, and it will reveal to the public." Shen Zongjun pointed out that, in addition to independent investigation, will also be commissioned by the United States security testing Lab Corp (UL) and other domestic and foreign authorities to investigate the third parties in order to identify the cause of the accident as soon as possible. Shen Zongjun said it would take the Note7 fire event as an opportunity to return to zero, strict inspection of all processes, is committed to providing consumers with high quality and safe products.相关的主题文章: