RMB against the dollar continued calm trading hedging demand implied volatility FX168 news sparked dollar spot Wednesday (February 3rd) after the continuation of a narrow range, most of the time at 6.58 yuan above the mark, the middle price also continued steady. Traders pointed out that although the parties to see the RMB continued sideways before the point of convergence, but the market is still on the long-term steady currencies of doubt, hedging demand continue to push up the dollar Renminbi option implied volatility. The dollar Renminbi inquiry system midday 6.5798, Tuesday to close at 6.5797. The Central Bank of the US dollar, the central bank, was set at 6.5521, and the central price was 6.5510 on Tuesday. The spot rate of RMB against the dollar was $7 billion 636 million, and Tuesday’s half day was $7 billion 500 million. NDF (NDF) market, the dollar yuan one-year varieties in the latest reported 6.9675, from Tuesday to 6.9325. Hongkong’s offshore RMB spot in the latest reported $6.6385, on a trading day in late 6.63. China exchange trading center today updated 11:00 RMB against the U.S. dollar, the reference exchange rate was 6.5789. Traders said the bank in continuous narrow sideways also attracted some institutions trading volume down, half day turnover remained at a high level; and the market is more concerned about the offshore renminbi offshore CNH CNH, this week has a weakness, and also pull in to shore spread nearly 600 ideas, if the price continues to expand, do not rule out from regulatory intervention may. The Spring Festival holiday in China is from February 7th to February 13th, and the major financial markets are closed. In the domestic dollar, the bilateral volatility of the implied volatility of the one-year one-year par value was 5.262 5.762, and the 6 month’s par offer was 5.175 5.675, which was significantly higher than that of last Monday’s low point. For the limitation of capital outflow, regulators continue to strengthen supervision; China UnionPay said in a statement Wednesday, the overseas insurance institution accepts domestic UnionPay card restricted trading has been restricted to the credit card limit of $5000 each, but recently found that some merchants UnionPay circumvent this restricted trading rules, requiring agencies to regulate. International currencies, the yen and the euro against the dollar on Wednesday to hold overnight increases, prices plummeted after ignition risk aversion, suppress the U.S. bond yields to 9 month low, the dollar less attractive. 12:22 Beijing time, US dollar RMB 6.5798. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

人民币兑美元持续平静交投 避险需求激起隐含波动率   FX168讯 人民币兑美元即期周三(2月3日)盘中延续窄幅波动,绝大部分时间维持在6.58元关口上方,中间价亦续持稳。交易员指出,虽见各方对人民币节前续横盘观点趋同,但市场仍对汇市能否长期持稳存疑,避险需求不断推升美元 人民币期权隐含波动率。   美元 人民币询价系统午盘报6.5798,周二收报6.5797。美元 人民币央行中间价定为6.5521,周二中间价为6.5510。人民币兑美元即期成交额为76.36亿美元,周二半日为75亿美元。   海外无本金交割远期外汇(NDF)市场上,美元 人民币一年期品种最新报在6.9675,周二尾盘为6.9325。香港的离岸美元 人民币即期最新报在6.6385,上一交易日尾盘报6.63。   中国外汇交易中心今日更新的11:00人民币兑美元参考汇率为6.5789。   交易员表示,在岸连续窄幅横盘也引来部分机构倒量交易,半日成交维持在较高水平;而市场更关注离岸人民币CNH表现,离岸CNH本周再度走弱,与在岸价差亦拉大到近600点子水平,若价差继续扩大,不排除招来监管干预的可能。   中国今年春节假期为2月7日至2月13日,主要金融市场均休市。   境内美元 人民币一年期平价期权隐含波动率双边报价为5.262 5.762,6个月期的平价期权报价为5.175 5.675,较上周一阶段低点均显明显回升。   为限制资本流出,监管层继续强化监管;中国银联周三声明称,境外保险机构受理境内银联卡属于限制类交易,一直受限于每笔5,000美元刷卡上限,但近期银联发现有部分商户规避此限制类交易规定,要求机构进行规范。   国际汇市方面,日元和欧元兑美元周三守住隔夜升幅,此前油价急跌引燃避险情绪,压制美债收益率至9个月低位,令美元吸引力下降。   北京时间12:22,美元 人民币报6.5798。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: