To return to the battlefield "war against the" Super League second season November 12th to open the fight does not break, I have not finished your debut! "Anti war" (abbreviation: NZ) 2016 counter League Jianrugaochao, will usher in the final showdown between the south to tomorrow, and another big event, but also by far the "inverse event war", the highest degree of occupation began sounded the clarion, assembled by the Tencent ("reverse war" game abbreviation: NZ) sponsored by the new super league tournament brand second season (NSL S2) the upcoming November 12th war. On the basis of the NSL S1, the new season will also be through the regular season, a series of playoff competition, competing for the reverse war Super League title of the highest honor. NSL S2 event: atm_cl=ad& preheating station? Atm_pos=16237& e_code=275391 [NSL S2] as early as this war is approaching November 12th opened before the event has been announced on-line preheating station NSL S2 war time, November 12th. In the new season, the team also gathered in the domestic top club team, including the first AG championship team, and the palace CLAN, war, love, three year two class, PE-GAMING etc.. In addition, the commentary team are also worth looking forward to, black, 377, and four rushing Da Da super popular anchor will lead the Legion of super commentary, commentary team lineup, authoritative interpretation of events, is bound to the game considerably. [war tricks! NSL leading fashion hot] with "reverse war" many brand events in advance, more and more game player wants to have a more pure gaming platform of occupation, can feel the most incisive tournament unique charm, but for the China e-sports industry, since the advent of NSL it means hundreds of years, China local gaming field finally, and the birth of a full occupation of FPS special project landing events. As the "anti war" is currently the highest level of competition, NSL has opened a professional league operation mode of operation. In the first quarter of events, NSL has been successfully achieved throughout the landing and broadcast, in the domestic first-class dragon live broadcast platform, through the whole dragon live webcast platform, and equipped with professional anchor to real-time commentary on the game, a substantial increase in "inverse specifications and level of war" event. The second season will be the same way through the entire webcast, the 360 degree dead angle showing the true level of the team. [restart Hall of fame total bonus of up to 1 million 30 thousand] along with the start of the NSL S2 season, the reverse war will open the hall of fame plan again. Fame is a "inverse glory war" to build the palace, including the king of the strongest team honor and "game player Master" personal honor two projects, superior technology team leader level and influential person with game player to enter the "Hall of fame". At present, the hall of fame has been included in the strongest king AG clan, as well as the original man empty uncle, in the NSL S2 season, the hall of fame will continue to welcome the new:相关的主题文章: