[quote] China lottery SMG score is expected to select: miners beat opponents West Ham VS Giurgiu West Ham Champions League playoff first leg draw away to Giurgiu, the league is over Bournemouth, get the new season first victory. Giurgiu from the Romania League this season, the poor performance of the last round of League away 1 5 miserable defeat cluj. William Hill initial index was 1.36, 4.50, 7.50, nearly 30 times in the event, the home team record is 25 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses. Let the ball generally let the ball half the West Ham, the return rate declined. With the big ball index of 2.5 ball boundary, the big ball returns rate is low, which highlights the big score pattern. In general, West Ham is expected to win in the home court relaxed. The game number: Thursday 016 game time: 26 02:45 recommended reference: 3 0; 3 1 miners VS Istanbul Ukrainian super giants Shakhtar Donetsk was eliminated in the Champions League qualifying game, after four wins in all competitions, including the first leg of the Europa League playoff 2 than 1 defeat the opponent Istanbul. Istanbul Super League from earth, first round victory over Fenerbahce, obtains the new season first victory. The initial Bet365 index was 1.40 4.50 8 draw and guest wins index is high, the results point to the main victory. One ball half let the ball equal to the index, good home team. Aocai big ball index to 3 ball boundaries, tend to score. Donetsk is expected to achieve victory in the miners’ home court. Game number: Thursday 018 game time: 26 03:00 recommended reference: 4 to 0; 4 to 1 (Abu) recommended betting list: Thursday 016 West Ham (3 to 0; 3 to 1) * Thursday 018 miners (4 to 0; 4 to 1), 2 string 1 and single pass.

[中国体彩报]竞彩比分精选:矿工有望双杀对手   西汉姆VS久尔久   西汉姆联欧联附加赛首回合客场战平久尔久,回到联赛中则是力克伯恩茅斯,取得新赛季首场胜利。久尔久来自罗马尼亚联赛,本赛季表现糟糕,上轮联赛客场1比5惨负于克鲁日。威廉希尔初始指数为1.36 4.50 7.50,近30次出现在各项赛事中时,主队战绩为25胜3平2负。让球普遍为西汉姆联让球半,主队回报率呈下降趋势。以2.5球分界的大小球指数,大球回报率居于低位,凸显大比分格局。综合来看,西汉姆联有望在主场轻松取胜。   赛事编号:周四016   比赛时间:26日02:45   推荐参考:3比0;3比1   矿工VS伊斯坦   乌超劲旅顿涅茨克矿工在欧冠资格赛上被淘汰出局,此后在各项赛事中取得四连胜,包括欧联附加赛首回合2比1击败本场对手伊斯坦布尔。伊斯坦布尔来自土超,联赛首轮力克费内巴切,取得新赛季首场胜利。Bet365初始指数为1.40 4.50 8.00,平局及客胜指数均居于高位,赛果指向主胜。一球 球半让球与指数相当,利好主队。澳彩大小球指数以3球分界,倾向于大比分赛果。顿涅茨克矿工坐镇主场,有望取得大捷。   赛事编号:周四018   比赛时间:26日03:00   推荐参考:4比0;4比1(阿布)   推荐投注单:周四016西汉姆(3比0;3比1)*周四018矿工(4比0;4比1),2串1及单关。相关的主题文章: