Psychology of marriage: 3 men not to quickly throw (Figure 3) if a man cannot be quickly deft throw marriage for women is like a gamble, have won a lifetime of happiness, lost is scarred. Therefore, any woman should be cautious about the choice of a partner, to know what kind of man is the most suitable for their own, what kind of man can not. Here we take inventory of three kinds of men can not be. 1, extremely selfish, when everything to gain for themselves thinking just know weight you may not understand each other, but if you love to talk about a period of time, then you should go to the other side of the character have a clear idea. Like the kind of extreme selfishness, everything is to calculate their own gains and losses of men is not to be. For example, if you usually he is good, but the key question about their own interests, he will immediately fall out with you, regardless of your feelings, this man you kick him or as early as possible! 2, there is no sense of responsibility, do not want to bear the responsibility of basic men just want to love but do not want to marry a male fear of marriage is usually not the responsibility of men, they are eager to love the feeling of love with the girl very much in love, but do not have the courage to bear the burden of the family. Even if you have been in love for many years, but he is not married, even if you mention he will excuse to stall the past. For such a man, no matter what kind of reason he is, do not want to be responsible for the performance, with such a man is simply a waste of youth. 3, lack of confidence, fear can not guarantee each other a happy life and a man, he may love you very much, but he could have no money now no car no real career, even no progress, he is always worried that I can not give you what you want in life, this kind of person’s heart may be good and if you can cure him of his psychological fear of marriage it is Everything will be fine. But if you just want to meet with you. But I don’t want to marry you man, that was close don’t delay myself. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: