Pregnancy bleeding is how to return a responsibility? There are different stages – Sohu maternal and fetal expectant mothers a little unusual will cause the vigilance of their families and their own panic, pregnancy bleeding will make a lot of pregnant women to panic, worried about the baby is abnormal. Bleeding during pregnancy what is going on? How to reduce the risk of bleeding during pregnancy, a pregnant woman vagina bleeding? Is? In all symptoms, most mothers anxiety than vaginal bleeding, for fear of losing the fetus. From the different stages of pregnancy, obstetricians and gynecologists to explain the possible causes of bleeding and matters needing attention. In the first three months of pregnancy, if the bleeding occurs, the doctor will first determine the likelihood of an extra uterine pregnancy. If the embryo is still in the womb, punctate hemorrhage is likely to be threatened abortion, be careful, then usually the treatment method with oral or injected progesterone, and urge pregnant women as much as possible, bed rest, relax the mood, because of excessive stress or fatigue, only may increase bleeding risk and. But if the bleeding time, also appeared severe abdominal pain, or bleeding continued for a few days or weeks, is likely to be caused by the abnormal development of embryo chromosome spontaneous abortion. In general, bleeding is less likely to be bleeding in the middle of pregnancy. If vaginal bleeding is to be observed, it is painful or painless. If the cervical erosion or hemorrhage caused by uterine cervix? Meat, usually punctate hemorrhage in obstetrics and Gynecology doctor explained that the mother of the vaginal mucosal easily swelling quasi pregnant, as long as the stomach is forced or constipation, cervical? Meat is easy to vaginal bleeding, this agent can effectively improve the. If you exclude the possibility of cervical, meat, it is necessary to worry about cervical insufficiency. Two, need to worry about the symptoms of bleeding in the delivery room of the major hospitals have 24 hours of consulting services. Therefore, if there is only a small amount of bleeding problems and no other discomfort, it is recommended that you can call the hospital for inspection. But if the quasi pregnant mother really very worried, even if only a small amount of bleeding, can also direct the doctor to determine the cause for peace of mind. After all, every child is a treasure, try to settle the mood during pregnancy is also very important! Three, how to avoid bleeding problems come in late pregnancy although many lead to the cause of the bleeding is unknown, it is not easy to 100 prevention, but the medical community remains for pregnant mothers summed up some of the risk factors in life let everyone, can be avoided, or is to know that you have this risk constitution should be particularly careful attention, in order to reduce the bleeding accidents. In fact, the most important thing is, please pregnant mother must establish good habits, such as smoking, quit bleeding may lead to alcoholism, walk carefully, don’t ride motorcycles to reduce accidents, regular production inspection and early abnormal situation. Usually some preparation can make pregnancy more smooth, happy to greet the birth of a new life! 1, in the observation of bleeding less bleeding, spotting, brown bleeding, abdominal pain, backache, no complicated vaginal straining feeling, lower back pain, quickening fierce change, no pregnant mother.相关的主题文章: