Overstock clothing generally refers to the excess inventory of clothes in a departmental or a retail store. These are the clothes that were never purchased by the customers and are just stocked up occupying the space in the store. Overstocking, surplus or excess inventory of clothes is a result of poor management of demand and supply on the part of buyer of the stock. At the end the departmental stores want to get rid of such stocks by sending them back to the manufacturer or selling them to liquidated .panies. The Overstock clothing is definitely a cash loss for the retailer, as keeping clothes for longer time lead to loss of freshness of the stock. Then there may be some damage to clothes due to over storing for long time. The season may get off for particular clothing like if summer clothes are shelve for long duration and winters are around then no customer will buy summer clothing and vice versa for winter wears. Also, very fashion conscious customer can get put off with the outdated branded stuff. Thus it be.es necessary for the retailer to get rid of such stock to maintain space for the fresh arrivals of the season. For disposing overstock or surplus clothing retailer may take any of the two paths. Either he decides to send back the stuff to the manufacturer or wholesale distributor or he may sell it to .panies who are into the business of liquidated stuff. This excess inventory of clothes when reaches liquidated .panies they resell at prices often way below the wholesale rate to secondary markets like flea markets or multi-brand outlets that sell such clothing to end customers. Customers can get these liquidated clothing consisting of apparels of famous brands at a price which is very less than what they would have got at brands retail stores. Be Cautious While Buying: If you are into the business of selling overstock apparels, then you should be cautious about few things. Check the clothes before buying, as some may be old fashioned or end of season clearance or there may be any damage in them. Be clear about the return policy of the .pany, so that if you find apparels not meeting your standards, you can change them. Buying overstock clothes directly from the departmental store is a good option and saves you from 25-50% of money. There are some department stores, which have their own websites where they offer online overstock sales. While buying online add shipping cost to the total purchase of the overstock bought and .pare it to the retail price. The deal should be profitable. Online retailers like Amazon, overstock.. and Zappos etc sell good surplus designer outfits from various department stores. They also give you good discounts on overall overstock apparels purchase. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: