PPTV super day brand to hit "hardware + member" Kuangxiang Beijing Beijing in September 2, half price – 1, PPTV TV media will start cohesion held in Beijing, vice president Chang Jiang and family cohesion media Internet division senior director of operations Zuo Zongze attended and officially opened the mystery of "PPTV super day" first, at the beginning of season and huge benefits in gold welfare. It is reported that "PPTV super brand day last week in suning.com official flagship hardware line, 0 yuan purchase, and will be on September 8th at the suning.com online store, suning.com Tmall flagship store and nearly 1600 stores to launch more new gameplay, hardware is the hardest, welfare is real, love customers, potential break the intelligent hardware market pricing pattern, set off a hitherto unknown" price "feast. PPTV cohesion from the video site started relying on 11 years of operating experience in the Internet and Suning perfect offline channels, since the release of last year’s first intelligent hardware layout, mobile phone, TV, continuous VR end, force content resources, expand the downstream channel, in a short period of one year has risen to become the first brand of intelligent hardware. PPTV cohesion more emphasis on how to develop a special consumer online and offline O2O sharing welfare day". Back in October 29th last year, PPTV cohesion open 1029 hi P day, a variety of single product sales first, shock market. The September 8th "PPTV super brand" suning.com suning.com Tmall linkage online store, flagship stores and nearly 1600 stores, PPTV TV, mobile phone’s cohesion and poly VR, television boxes and other intelligent hardware products in a variety of intelligent hardware, 0 yuan purchase, is full of sincerity. The hardware 0 yuan purchase of concessions in the end how much? Cohesion media vice president Chang Jiang said, hardware should be hard, benefits to be true, all of the actual sales are not playing mouth cannon! "And" wait for the spot propaganda friends released in September 6th prices, I dare dare to lower lower than me!" It is reported that, PPTV cohesion TV 40? And 50? Such as high-definition large screen smart with the mainstream brand lowest debut, consumers only need to make an appointment in advance and in September 8th to buy corresponding long member, you can get free television and hardware products. Among them, 50 smart TV? (2199 yuan) collocation 60 months SVIP film membership, (1800 yuan) to 1800 yuan package price shock on sale; 65? Big screen TV is to break the pattern of large screen market pricing, the price is only 3999 yuan, lower than the other friends of similar configuration big screen TV thousand yuan. While the mobile phone, VR and other products are also unexpected awesome price open release price feast: the original price of 2379 yuan, 5.5 inches long life PPTV M1+36 months SVIP cohesion mobile phone film membership discount for only 1080 yuan; and "mobile VR machine +24 month SVIP film membership"% to 720 yuan. In addition, PPTV cohesion in the suning.com mall and line 1600 stores simultaneously start pumping fold second grab lose five play, namely "50 percent off members enjoy the appointment, hardware trench ceremony.相关的主题文章: