The policy of "combined" to maintain stable and healthy property market in Shenzhen – Shenzhen channel — original title: the policy of "combined" to maintain stable and healthy property market "deep eight" property market regulation policy since late October 4th release, is drawing more and more attention. Reporters in recent days in an interview that, in addition to attention to the content of regulation, more attention is deep eight will bring the future development of Shenzhen. For example, in Shenzhen’s efforts to build a modern new city in the process of internationalization, "deep eight" how to play the role of maintaining a stable and healthy operation of the real estate market in order to make Shenzhen more competitive? In Shenzhen pushing public entrepreneurship peoples innovation "," deep eight "how to maintain price stability, to provide better environment for entrepreneurs? In this regard, many experts believe that to achieve this goal, first of all is to rectify the market order, crack down on various illegal and speculation behavior, to allow the return of housing residential property, let the real estate market return to reason, and "deep eight" meaning lies in this. 6, 2009, Deng Zhiwang, director of the Institute of real estate, Shenzhen Polytechnic, in an interview with reporters, with particular reference to the introduction of Shenzhen, deep in the meaning of the "eight". He believes that the overheated real estate market is not conducive to macroeconomic stability, but also conducive to the development of the real economy. If a real estate market is full of speculation, it is certainly unhealthy, will bring harm to a city. "Eight" is the biggest bright spot from the fight against speculation of the tenant, rectify order in the real estate market, the real estate market to maintain stable and healthy development of this regulation and the starting point is accurate and targeted, but also the most suitable for Shenzhen. At present, the Shenzhen real estate market does exist some problems, "deep eight" on the long term, to solve the problem, an antidote against the disease, crush one by one, linked together, played a set of market regulation policies "combined". Next, we really want to implement the policy, but also to maintain the consistency of the policy in order to effectively maintain the smooth and healthy operation of the real estate market. As for the "deep eight" will bring what kind of impact the market, Deng Zhiwang believes that the short term, the volume will be significantly affected by both supply and demand, there will be a period of digestion and adaptation policy, will choose to wait, resulting in turnover shrinking. In the long run, with the developers push plate volume increased, some developers will choose to cut prices or promotional strategies, so the overall market prices stable or slightly decline is to be expected, but the possibility is not large price. When it comes to "deep eight" background and significance of the introduction of the City Real Estate Appraisal Institute president designate Yang Liyan with a "timely, decisive, tough to evaluate. She said, during the National Day golden week, Shenzhen introduced the "deep eight" market regulation measures, from the perspective of the content, control measures of comprehensive system, targeted in Shenzhen housing prices continued to rise situation, the control measures are necessary and timely. Specifically, the deep eight from the supply side, the demand side and the market circulation of the three areas of regulation. First, in the demand side, "deep eight" through further improve the purchase of the policy to curb speculative real estate behavior; followed in)相关的主题文章: