Pine sea: how long will it take for senior officials to get back? – Sohu commented that the 3 leaders of Shijiazhuang city who had been removed because of "Sanlu tainted milk powder" were all back: after the incident, Wu Xianguo, mayor of Shijiazhuang, mayor Ji Chuntang and vice mayor Zhang Fawang were removed from office. Wu returned in 2013 and became the Party member of the provincial government in 2015. He served as deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Department of industry and Commerce in 2011, and Zhang became the independent non-executive director of China Pharmaceutical Group in 2012. Continue to remain in the party and government organs, there are adjustments, lanes also have. In June 2013, Jilin Dehui City Schroder Feng poultry company particularly significant fire and explosion occurred, the city mayor Liu Changchun was dismissed. 1 years later, Liu Changchun was appointed secretary of the Party committee of Changchun public transport group. After Shanghai Jiaozhou Road Fire in 2010, Jingan District deputy district chief Xu Sunqing was removed from office. Half a year later, he was appointed to the Huangpu River banks development construction investment in Shanghai city (Group) Co. Ltd. vice president. Removed 8 years ago "dragon pats a tiger" in the event of a former Shaanxi provincial forestry department director Zhu Julong, on the last day of 2013, was appointed Vice President of the Federation of Shaanxi economy. Whether the officials who have been removed from office or resigned can be returned, is there a clear standard? Related provisions in "selection and appointment of leading cadres work regulations", "civil law", "Regulations" punishment of civil servants of administrative organs, "the appointments and dismissals of civil servants and demotion provisions", "on the implementation of Party and government leading cadres accountability Interim Provisions" and "party politics of selection and appointment of leading cadres accountability measures (Trial)" 6 files. After careful inspection, Chang’an Avenue governor found that the biggest rigid requirement is the time limit. The "Interim Provisions on the implementation of Party and government leading cadres accountability requirements of resignation and ordered to resign, removal of leading cadres, not again as equivalent to their original job leadership positions within a year," and the selection and appointment of leading cadres work regulations "stipulates:" the resignation and ordered to resign, demotion cadres, outstanding performance in the new position of more than one year, with promotion and appointment conditions, in accordance with the relevant regulations, or promoted again served in leadership positions." Removal is a kind of organizational measures. The administrative duty is removed, which is not equal to the decline of administrative level. Therefore, the removal can be seen as a job change, rather than a clear punishment. This is also an important reason for officials to comeback. However, if there is no appointment after the removal, the official’s mistake may be relatively large, even without the name of punishment, but also took the punishment. Say so many officials comeback example, small partners found it, because the sudden event is exempt from official recovery rate is higher, but if because of "life style", "superstition Feng Shui" was removed, often difficult to have a comeback day?.

松海 :被免高官多久才能东山再起?-搜狐评论   因“三鹿毒奶粉”事件被免职的3名石家庄市领导目前均已复出:事件发生后,时任石家庄市委书记吴显国、市长冀纯堂、副市长张发旺都被免职。吴2013年复出,2015年出任省政府党组成员,冀2011年出任河北省工信厅副厅长,张2012 年出任中国制药集团独立非执行董事。   继续留在党政机关打拼有之,调整车道的亦有之。2013年6月,吉林德惠市宝源丰禽业公司发生特别重大火灾爆炸事故,该市市长刘长春被撤职。1年后,刘长春被任命为长春公交集团党委书记。2010年上海胶州路大火后,静安区副区长徐孙庆被免职。半年后,他被任命为上海市申江两岸开发建设投资(集团)有限公司副总裁。8年前“正龙拍虎”事件中被免职的陕西省林业厅原副厅长朱巨龙,在2013年的最后一天,被任命为陕西经济联合会副会长。   被免职、辞职的官员到底能不能复出,有没有明确的标准呢?相关规定散见于《党政领导干部选拔任用工作条例》、《公务员法》、《行政机关公务员处分条例》、《公务员职务任免与职务升降规定》、《关于实行党政领导干部问责的暂行规定》以及《党政领导干部选拔任用工作责任追究办法(试行)》等6个文件中。   长安街知事仔细查阅后发现,最大的硬性规定是时限要求。   《关于实行党政领导干部问责的暂行规定》要求引咎辞职、责令辞职、免职的党政领导干部,“一年内不得重新担任与其原任职务相当的领导职务”,而《党政领导干部选拔任用工作条例》则规定:“引咎辞职、责令辞职、降职的干部,在新的岗位工作一年以上,实绩突出,符合提拔任用条件的,可以按照有关规定,重新担任或者提拔担任领导职务。”   免职,是一种组织措施。被免去的是行政职务,不等于行政级别下降。所以,可将免职看作一个职务变动,而不是一个明确的处分。这也是官员能够复出的重要原因。不过,如果免职后没有另行任用的话,这个官员的错可能就比较大了,即使没有处分之名,也坐了处分之实。   说这么多官员复出的例子,小伙伴们发现了吗,因为突发重大事件被免的官员起复率较高,但若是因为“生活作风”、“迷信风水”被免职,往往难有东山再起之日。相关的主题文章: