[picture] recommend a little bowl experience "goodbye farewell kindergarten taste" – the famous American Sohu maternal and children’s book writer Todd · Parr has written 35 books, translated into 15 languages and sold worldwide. Illustration of a unique style, full of innocence. Thick strokes, bright colors, such as children’s painting in general, greatly increasing the reader’s sense of intimacy. Interpretation of the theme of emotion to help children get through separation anxiety. Among them, "a Book of earth", "a Book of thanksgiving" and "I love you" in the list of best-selling books New York Times. He created the Sesame Street skit with the children’s TV show "Todd’s world" well versed in the children’s psychology, and by children’s welcome, and was nominated for three Emmy awards. He is also keen to participate in public welfare projects to help those in need and animals. It’s hard to say goodbye, maybe you can’t say what you feel. You may be sad. You may be angry. You may not want to talk to anyone. You may just want to hide. It’s not as fun as it used to be. You may not want to eat, you can’t sleep. Maybe you try not to think about it, maybe you pretend nothing happened. Slowly, however, your mood will be better. You will remember the time when you laugh together, and remember all the happy things you did. Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes you feel low. But you will never forget the special times, nor forget the things you learned together. You may want to talk to someone, you may want to draw a picture. Maybe you’ll wonder where the hell are they? What are they doing now? The most important thing is that you will never forget how much you love them and how you miss them. Life goes on, you try to be brave. You will remember that there is always a person who loves you, guarding you. The article then leave a little bowl is the stage, with the passage of time and enhance the adaptability of children, this confusion will pass. However, this does not last too long time period for children is also a severe test, not to mention those who bring children psychological shock to death. How can let the child calm face to leave, perhaps each parents have their own way of dealing with today’s share of this "goodbye flavor" is the author of Todd out of good medicine. In plain language, simple best picture, bright colors, let the children get cured in the peaceful atmosphere. Children have any emotions we can try to understand, which emotions can not be used to "right" and "wrong" to define. We need to do is to help children understand their emotions, to figure out the root causes of this emotion, and then solve the problem together. This book is not the death and said it. Moreover, each picture is said to be sad, but in a humorous way to express, the author is also the heart. Welcome to pay attention to a little bowl of WeChat.相关的主题文章: