Pharmacy sales boss jailed for half a year and pseudo drug banned drugs a year – Beijing pharmacy owner jailed for six months to prohibit the sale and sale of false drug drugs a year legal network news reporter Ma Chao correspondent Zhu Wei recently, procuratorate of Rudong County of Jiangsu Province on sales of health products (commonly known as Viagra) of the Dai Moumou prosecution, the court in order to sell toxic Dai Moumou and harmful food and sentenced to six months imprisonment suspended for one year and fined five thousand yuan, and prohibited from engaging in drug management in the probation period. The five year old Dai Moumou runs a pharmacy, see the market some shops illegal sales of health products profitable, the heart of a meter, driven by interests, knowing that these health care products contain ingredients harmful to the human body, is still in the 2013 to 2015 period, low price to buy from the Internet has several "hardboiled" and "hard ten days", "hidden secret Cordyceps" and other health care products, and secretly in their business at the pharmacy sales, sales mainly in the rural elderly males. After identification, containing "sildenafil" component of health care products involved, the composition of prescription drugs, may lead to myocardial infarction, cardiac shock and sudden death. According to the law, health care products are health food, not add sildenafil and other medicines, once added to poisonous and harmful food.相关的主题文章: