Software Hello, my name is Deborah Rodriguez and here I want to share my fruitful expereince of PC optimization with a tech support firm. I am an artist and own an art gallery in Chicago, where I display all my paintings. I have been painting since I was just eight years old. It was my hobby to draw a caricature or portrait of what I saw and admired. The numerous accolades that I received for my work impelled me to choose painting as my career. Right from the beginning, I got in touch with the right kind of people. After gaining enough experience and working on several sketches, I started my own business. Today, I have two types of customers. While some .e to buy the paintings that are displayed for sale, others turn up with their own requests. They give me a picture and ask me to recreate it on my canvas with my paint brush and colors. My paintings too are inspired by the designs that I see on the Internet. It is my routine to look for attractive pictures on my laptop after connecting it to the Internet. My laptop was given to me by my elder brother. It had been working properly until its performance started to slow down last month. It took longer to search for pictures and I was just not ready to waste my precious time. So, I decided to take help from a tech support .pany. On hearing my problem and after learning that my laptop was second-hand, the tech expert advised me to go for PC optimization. When I told him that I didn’t know how to optimize a PC, the tech expert shared some of his PC optimization secrets with me. On learning the tips for PC optimization, I realized that it isn’t the prerogative of technicians alone to Optimize PC . You just have to be mindful of a few precautions like defragmentizing the hard drive once a month to arrange the files stored in the system, keeping minimal browsing history, and downloading only re.mended updates. My system performance revived after I put these suggestions into practice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: