Other people’s childhood, sitting on the McLaren Bugatti, too willing to Sohu cars in the past, often see some very strange combinations, such as copilot Bugatti’s put a dog, with a Rolls-Royce logo to a pet etc.. Looking at the pictures in this price 12 million 600 thousand supercar – McLaren P1, in its copilot actually placed on the child safety seat, unless the child does not love speed, nor love to run, otherwise, he will be one of the most fortunate children of the world. 903 horsepower P1 and child safety seat with the first time to see, when the owners put the pedal down, strong push back will give the children brought hitherto unknown stimulus, is an unforgettable experience. The latest Chiron Bugatti supercar, the speedometer is 500KM H to the bottom of the table, now even Ferrari really have not seen, people of small guy was already seated in a Bugatti cab, winner in life, the starting line is 500KM H speed beyond. The whole car carbon fiber material, four-wheel drive, a customized version of the Bugatti baby, how much money? It’s more expensive than my volkswagen. Childhood is really open Bugatti, rich kids, spacious garage, two car right cover up Ferrari says it all. It is two win at the starting line of the children, and I more than than they lose at the starting line, almost fell on the starting line, envy them, small age already sitting in the car on the Ferrari 458. Do you remember what you had on your 15 birthday? When dad gave his son the gift is a 23 million Pagani supercar Pagani, surprise, this is a little big, I can not afford to a person. This is a story of a man, driving a Rolls-Royce to buy flowers, luxury generous, suddenly discovered that love is not money can buy a lot of tears, and tears.相关的主题文章: