Ningbo incitement to kill daughter-in-law sentencing: mother-in-law guilty were sentenced to death Remember earlier this year that the mother-in-law daughter-in-law frightful to the ear incitement to kill the case of intentional homicide? Ningbo’s Cixi district on the spot a woman stabbed to death, and then fled. One of the suspects is the dead mother, the murder motive is a fantastic. Yesterday (24 May), the Ningbo intermediate people’s Court on the case was sentenced. The defendant Moumou (the mother) guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death; the defendant Zhao guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death, suspended for two years. The court found that the defendant Moumou due to household chores for a long time daughter-in-law Zhao (who died 33 years old) and bitter discontent. The summer of 2015, Zhang Moumou in Cixi city Hushanjiedao Zhi Shan Park to exercise when understanding the defendant Moumou, after repeatedly told Zhao Xiao Zhao proposed incitement stabbed. At the beginning of February 2016, Zhao Moumou will be introduced to the defendant Zhao Moumou, Moumou invested 150 thousand yuan hired by stabbing Zhao zhao. In February 16th 7, the defendant Moumou, Zhao knife to the Cixi city Hushanjiedao Jinshan Village No. 36 building two unit downstairs, while the victim Zhao go to work on the occasion, by a small Zhang Zhao Pianzhi overhead layer first floor, with a knife stabbed to Zhao Xiao Zhao fled after abdominal then, Zhang Moumou continue to stabbing Zhao induced by small Zhao Fu aorta and inferior vena cava, hepatic puncture and hemorrhagic shock and death. Zhang will be dragged to the west side of the overhead layer to cover the door with an abandoned door, and clean up the scene after the blood fled. The court held that the acts of the three defendants constituted intentional homicide, joint crime. The defendant Zhang proposed the criminal intention, hire others, prepare crime tools, check out the location, to carry out the killings to cover up crimes, play a major role in the crime, the Department of principal. The defendant Zhao Moumou by employment, together with the defendant Moumou case, implemented the killings, the principal plays a major role in the crime, but its role is slightly less than the defendant moumou. The defendant Moumou crime of incitement to transfer information, the employer was hired, part of the behavior in the preparation of criminal tools, played a secondary role in the crime, accomplice. The final judgment of the court, the defendant Moumou guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life; the defendant Zhao guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death, suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life; the defendant Moumou guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years. More than a little news this year on February 16th at around 7 in the morning, Cixi Jinshan Village, a resident downstairs murder case. The deceased is a nurse in a hospital in Cixi. At that time, the crowd also shot the video, from the video can be seen in the small Zhao wearing jeans, fell to the ground, there are a number of blood. Someone heard Zhao called twice, after no voice, until 9 in the morning, a neighbor found lying on the ground after the police zhao. The same day, Cixi police after preliminary investigation, the deceased issued Bulletin: Zhao Cixi Da Hu, Department of homicide. After the incident, the suspect Zhao take a bus to the west to escape, from Anhui into Henan by the local high-speed traffic police to intercept card inventory. Police found the last row of a young man looked panic.相关的主题文章: