New Zealand Chinese repeated robbery labour: the detection rate is too low, the police too – Beijing, Beijing, August 25, according to the New Zealand tinway network reported that a recent period of time is not peace, not only many convenience stores frequently robbed, some Chinese friends in the attack. The Chinese were beaten events in the last week, there were at least 9. For the status quo of public security is getting worse, the Labor Party chairman Nigel professor Haworth interview with reporters. (New Zealand tinway network)   Oakland is it really safe? For New Zealand’s security situation, Professor Nigel Haworth think overall, New Zealand is a safer country, Oakland is a relatively safe city. It is true that some places and places are prone to violent robberies, but there is a similar situation in every city, so Oakland is not a special case. "But it’s not safe to walk on the street after 10 p.m. on Friday night. But think about the vast part of Oakland, where people can shop and meet with friends, which is great." Professor Nigel Haworth says he has done a lot of research on the recent spate of violent robberies, says Professor Haworth Nigel. From the data, over the past year, the number of robberies nationwide rose 12%, the number of thefts rose by 14%. While the number of robberies in Oakland has increased by 11%, while the number of thefts has increased by more than $6%. Therefore, from the data point of view, not to say that there is no problem in Oakland. Oakland must have a problem, we need to solve these problems." Professor Haworth Nigel said. Whether the Chinese are being targeted at a series of violent robberies against the current Chinese people, many believe that the perpetrators are targeted to Chinese or Asian populations. Many Chinese friends bluntly: in the eyes of violent attackers, the Chinese are mobile ATM teller machine. Professor Nigel Haworth says there is no evidence that the violence involved racism. Many people in the Chinese community and the community in India, said he encountered a robbery attack, which is certainly not allowed to happen. New Zealand should be a safe country and we don’t want people to feel insecure. In the eyes of the local people, with rich Chinese high-end mobile phone, an expensive car, but Chinese is "well behaved", does it make Chinese become the goal of being robbed. Professor Haworth Nigel said: "all the needs of evidence and data, when the Chinese were robbed, the same as Chinese, you will feel the seriousness of the situation, whether the Chinese will doubt become a specific target. I fully understand the concerns. But I was wondering if the violence happened in other communities, so we need evidence and data." Where did the evidence and data come from at the Oakland University security forum held in April this year, it was directly to the police to ask whether there are attacks against Asian or other ethnic groups attacked robbery. At that time the police answered "yes", but did not give any.相关的主题文章: