Travel-and-Leisure Delhi is the national capital of India. Mysterious, ethnic and very jubilant India is the country of different diversities that is main attraction for the visitors both domestic and international. Delhi is the main hub for all the political drama that occurs in the country. Basically Delhi is divided in to two divisions Old Delhi where most of the old monuments are standing build by mughal emperors. The old city has still its charms and has turned in to a major market of Delhi named as Chandani Chowk. While New Delhi is a cosmopolitan city due to the variety of cross cultural and cross ethnic presence of the vast Indian establishment and political system. Here people of different .munities live with equal peace and the government gives great plans and ventures to satisfy the demands of the people no matter which cast and creed they belong to. Governments plans basically start from giving best possible amenities and services. If you are visiting Delhi then get ready for a magical experience, the citys capital is all about fusion of western and eastern fabrics that people wore especially dons by Delhi University students. The cuisine which is offered is mouth watering and showcases flavors of India. For ac.modation Hotel Shangrila New Delhi is the optimum place to stay. Equipped with best possible amenities and services. The hotel is state of the art and impeccable your stay here will be embedded and stay at your mind forever. Hotel Shangrila will definitely be your private paradise you will feel that you are in simply heaven. Another hotel that .es to my mind is ITC wel.e hotel New Delhi their tag line nobody gives India as we do is true to its sentence. This hotel showcases Indian hospitality as best as can be done. Played hosts to very important dignitaries across the world including US president Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. Even Bill Clinton while leaving the white house after his tenure fondly remembered the Indian cuisine that he had while visiting India. Oberoi hotel new Delhi is also state of the art hotel with exquisite services, located at city center. India new Delhi hotel .bine international service with standards with Indian hospitality. New Delhi hotels consists of deluxe hotels, luxurious hotels, star hotels, first class hotels, airport hotels, budget hotels etc. Hotel ac.modation new Delhi India is the finest and most outstanding hotels with tremendous attractions in terms of interior and exterior architect and design. Hotel Taj palace new Delhi India is the perfect place if you want to unwind yourself, it rectifies with the synonym of its name the monument of love Taj. Taj palace new Delhi is the epitome of beauty its great interiors and grand architecture makes it one of the elegant hotel ever. There are many hotels that offer hospitality and warmth reflecting Indias true nature. Best time to visit India is at festival season some of the festivals include Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi, Lohri, Maha shivratri , Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha and Budha jayanti. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: