The network "Xiamen water buck" official said Xiaoxibushi – Beijing, Xiamen September 16th new media news (reporter Yan Zhihong) by Typhoon "Meranti" impact, Fujian Xiamen without water situation in larger range. Xiamen Water Group announced earlier that it will resume water supply around 15 PM around 8 pm. 16 am, a claim that the island of Xiamen will start at night from the beginning of this month, the pressure of water supply for 96 hours, the news in WeChat crazy pass. Reporter then visited the Xiamen water group, the relevant responsible person said that the message is not true. It is understood that the island of Xiamen was at 15 on the afternoon of 13 PM to gradually restore water supply. However, due to the water supply pipe network for too long, the water pressure recovery needs a certain time, so the situation in the public home water smaller. In addition, due to the need for some high-rise buildings will be pressurized water supply by electricity, and therefore some of the residents of the home did not restore the water supply. Yang Yu, deputy director of the Xiamen municipal water affairs group, told reporters that the water plant in Xiamen is currently running at full capacity, the water supply network is actually far more than the daily flow of water supply. I hope people do not at home to hoard a lot of water, this will result in greater impact on the recovery of the normal pressure of water supply network. Currently, the majority of users in Xiamen has been restored water supply, but there are still 78 thousand water difficulties. Xiamen water group to remind the public, do not believe that the network rumors, reasonable arrangements for water time.相关的主题文章: