The investment in the network telecommunications fraud becoming professional   the police come to know the deceived — Finance — original title: network investment in telecommunications fraud becoming professional police come to know the deceived looks through the network platform of precious metals trading losses, but in reality is one background operation to create the illusion of money fraud. Hubei Xiangyang 18 members of the occupation of the fraud Gang through various means, to 15 provinces and cities nationwide more than and 100 people involved in precious metals trading, money when unidentified victims after the gang manipulation background, manufacturing or false investment losses, just two years on suspicion of fraud of more than 570 yuan, many investors cheated after the mistake is not reported because of the failure of investment. Recently, Hubei Yunan police lasted more than 7 months of investigation successfully cracked this case from online fraud, 5 million 700 thousand yuan stolen money recovered all returned to the victims. Police remind, in recent years, criminals keeping social hot spots, the modus operandi is constantly changing, has become a social nuisance, public security departments in addition to intensify the crackdown, investors should also raise awareness of prevention, avoid to be deceived. Join the QQ investment group into the scams from Shandong, Mr. Zhou’s work are keen investment, in addition to access of all kinds of financial information on the Internet, he also added some investment QQ group, in order to be able to get inside information". Last November, a QQ investment group in the nickname "Snow" girls to add him as a friend, two people often discussed in the online how to finance and investment, investment coincides with Mr. Zhou stamps fail, "Snow" is occasionally drying their dynamic in QQ space and WeChat circle of friends, not driving a luxury car, is eating delicacy, life is very extravagant. "Snow" take the initiative to tell Mr. Zhou himself in an international financial network trading platform to invest in precious metals, less than a month to earn $130 thousand. For the benefit of the doubt, "Snow" will also own investment account screenshot sent to Mr zhou. According to the name "Snow", Mr. Zhou informed, this is one of the world’s four largest trading platform of "TMX", that the investment security, according to Mr. Zhou "to snow" web site, registered on the platform, the same day two times the total funding of $8900, and by second day, has become a $17 thousand account. Started to earn so much money, Mr. Zhou is very happy, and by WeChat to "Snow" made a big red thanks. By the third day, Mr. Zhou account balance has become $42 thousand, equivalent to two days earned $about 200000. When Mr. Zhou tried to increase investment, the account was liquidated, nothing left. Zhou believes that the investment is lost, and gradually invested more than 220 thousand yuan, the same is the first rise or fall, all the loss". "We are ordinary investors, do not have much information on the various aspects of technology is not enough, you want to learn something about investment in technology." Coincidentally, Hubei victims of Mr. Wei for joining a QQ investment group into the trap of fraud. According to him, in June last year, he joined a precious metals investment group, the main group every day in the bulletin issued)相关的主题文章: