The tour guide can break the guide network about the pain of cheating, rejection group, forced shopping…… When it comes to the tour guide, many people will have a negative impression and become a tourist guide". Once the tour guide, even in the eyes of many people become a shopping guide". Since May this year, the National Tourism Bureau launched Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong online guide free practice pilot work, guide the freedom to practice the pilot work of Changbai Mountain, Jilin, Hunan and Zhangjiajie, Changsha Guilin in Guangxi, Hainan Sanya, Sichuan Chengdu line. 5 months later, the effectiveness of the pilot work? "Free practice" is recognized by the tour guide? Tour guide pain can be effectively cracked? In this regard, the Economic Daily reporter conducted a multi survey. The freedom to practice, guide mixed "now, a lot of people in society do not understand or even scold tour guides, but how many people really care about our living and working state of tour guide? Most of our tour guides do not have a fixed income, less travel agencies to give us insurance." Tianjin tour guide Li Jing told reporters that the tour guides with a group of tourists want to be happy, to be a good tourist guide, who is willing to be a guide? "To tell you the truth, we are all tours from the travel agency to" buy ", if tourists do not also guide consumption, he would lose money inside, so that even the basic living expenses are not earn back." "Black guide", forced shopping, rejection…… In recent years, in the face of various problems with the group tour, visitors feel very hurt". Nowadays, tourists have been able to booking tickets through the Internet, scenic spots, hotels and catering standard "product", if we can through the professional platform independent book tour guide service, visitors can get better and more intimate travel experience. Today, free tour guide practice, guided by a single travel agency travel agents, travel agencies into the Internet platform and other travel services and other multi choice. Visitors can choose according to the network evaluation and personalized needs of the tour guide, and pay through the third party payment platform. Reporter survey found that in the vast majority of respondents in the tour guide, as a guide to the practice of free practice as a guide to new ways, new channels are recognized. Data show that 81% of the tour guides are willing to participate in the work of free practice, of which 46% are very willing to participate in the free tour guide practice; the tour guide of the pilot of the general attitude of the work of the guide, the guide is not willing to participate in the free practice of the 4% of the tour guide in. At present, our tour guide is divided into two kinds of contract guide and social guide. The former belongs to the travel agency management, basic salary and insurance, labor rights and interests of the relative security; the latter is a part-time staff, no fixed income, no social insurance, poor working stability. According to the data provided by the National Tourism Administration, as of now, the number of people to obtain the national tour guide qualification for 950 thousand people, of which the number of social tour guides accounted for about 70% of the total number of national tour guides. Peng Zhikai, director of the National Tourism Administration Supervision and management believes that free tour guide practice, you can directly increase the income of tour guides. The tour guide for the fees can be clearly marked, and the establishment of their own routes to provide services, quality service to establish the reputation and service content and bring tourists experience. "With the reputation and service experience, visitors will be willing to pay ‘Bill’, will mention)相关的主题文章: