Nanchang prosecutors responded: Department deputy chief owns more than and 300 suites of ordinary employees – financial Sohu Nanchang intermediate people’s court judge confirmed him from the part of the real estate information bureau out of Xu Linbao and Nanchang city under the family name. Beijing News News (reporter Fu Shan) recently, the network spread a report letter said, deputy chief of New District procuratorate crime, Xu Linbao and family names in Jiangxi city of Nanchang a total of more than and 300 sets of real estate. In October 25th, in response to the Nanchang high tech Zone procuratorate said the investigation team has been set up, Xu Linbao suspended for investigation. Prosecutors named hundreds of Suites report letter said, 2014, Xu Linbao and his son-in-law Long Yuewu to do business cooperation and joint development project on the grounds, successively to people borrowing more than 100 million yuan, and the loan transfer to Jiangxi Lin Yang Investment Development Limited company account. October 20th, the company’s legal representative Mao to the Beijing News reporter confirmed that she and Xu Linbao as husband and wife. Reported that Xu Linbao and the company and the fund have close contacts with Long Yuewu. From July 2015 onwards, creditors can not contact Long Yuewu, and debt to Xu Linbao, but was rejected. Informants provided two on Xu Linbao and his home under the name of real estate information table, and said, Xu and his wife, son, daughter of a hair under the name of a total of 185 suites, have to handle real estate license, another more than and 200 suites, a purchase contract. One of the information table shows that the registration of a total of 116 sets of real estate in the Xu Heqi family, a total area of 7636.08 square meters, most of them shops. Allegedly, this property information table is from the Nanchang intermediate people’s court, a judge from Nanchang city housing security and housing authority. October 8th, the Beijing News reporter to verify the judge, the other confirmed the authenticity of this property information table. Informants also provides another property information table, with the exception of the information table to coincide with the real estate information, but also lists a number of sets of real estate Xu and his family name, with a total area of 2646.04 square meters. In this regard, in October 8th, the Beijing News reporter to verify the Nanchang City Housing Authority property information on this form, the staff to citizens of personal property information is not publicly refused. Was reported to the daughter and: buy a house for investment in October 8th, Xu Linbao said on the phone, the contents of the report is a retaliatory false content. But he did not deny the name of the real estate situation, and said to buy a house in order to invest. The morning of October 25th, Xu Linbao’s daughter Xu confirmed to the Beijing News reporter, she reported another dragon Yuewu children, but did not receive a marriage certificate, she still does not contact the dragon. For her name and the name of the father’s property, Xu said, his father 30 years ago into business to deposit a sum of money, then do the green business make money. In recent years, the mother of Mao on the use of household deposits. Xu said that his mother to buy multiple sets of real estate loans from banks, and other prices rose after selling, earn the difference. She stressed on the phone, his father did not participate in real. However, Xu Linbao’s argument with his daughter. Xu Linbao said, " my lover has no job,.相关的主题文章: