| There’s no doubt that Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Anyone who celebrated Christmas as a child has a wealth of memories…the smell of cookies baking, the taste of eggnog or warm apple cider, the breathless anticipation of Christmas morning, the sounds of Christmas carols, and the warmth and love of family. One of the best memories – and one of the most exciting aspects of the holiday season – is buying and decorating the Christmas tree. The trek to get the tree, the heady scent of pine wafting into your nostrils, and the awe and wonder of unpacking the Christmas ornaments is especially magical, because it represents a family’s official beginning of the holiday season. A family creates its own Christmas magic through its own traditions. Some families are known for their "more is better" approach to outdoor Christmas lighting, others for the baked goods that they deliver to the neighbors, and still others for their collections of Christmas ornaments. Some people collect Christmas trains. Some collect nutcrackers. Others collect Hallmark ornaments. Still others choose one of the most enchanting Christmas collectibles available – Mark Roberts Fairies. Mark Roberts Fairys are more than simply Christmas ornaments; rather, they are works of art. These stunning holiday decorations are handmade and can actually be manipulated and positioned as you wish. Mark Roberts Faires are available in a number of collections, but each piece is numbered as part of a limited edition collection. The "Twelve Days of Christmas" Mark Roberts Fairies, for example, feature 12 whimsical Fairies, each representing one aspect of the song. So, the "Three French Hens" Fairy has a full beard, gossamer wings that sparkle, and holds a basket of French hens, while the "Four Calling Birds" Fairy has four red calling birds perched on his arm. The "Seven Swans A Swimming" Fairy rides a gorgeous white swan, and the "Nine Ladies Dancing" Fairy holds a dancing fairy in one hand. The "Twelve Days of Christmas" Mark Roberts Fairies come in three different sizes – typically about 9 inches, 17 inches, or 20 inches. Mark Roberts Fairys are available in a wide variety of Christmas themes. There is, for example, a Bell Ringer Fairy, an Aspen Holiday Fairy, a Caroling Fairy, and a Candlelight Fairy. And, while some people collect Mark Roberts Fairies, others collect his enchanting Santas or Elves. The collection includes a Victorian Santa, a Candy Cane Elf, and Dancing Elves that stand atop a wrapped Christmas gift. Like so many holiday traditions, Mark Roberts Fairies create Christmas magic. Adding to your collection each year conjures up wonderful holiday memories and anticipation, while unwrapping and displaying your Christmas collection elicit those warm feelings that only the holiday season can bring. Perhaps the best thing about collectibles like Mark Roberts Faires is that they not only bring you pleasure, but that they are a treasure that can be passed down for generations to come, and become instrumental in the creation of new and treasured memories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: