Man angry ex-wife had picked up his son for the "new" alarm "Zhuojian – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Bing) just by seeing his ex-wife had a" new ", angry ex husband as picked up his son," Zhuojian alarm". Recently, in a district, a man staged a farce. "My wife with another man in the same room, you quickly come unto them!" In September 18th 13, the three religions in the west police station received a man police. Zhang Yonghui and Shi Xiangfeng rushed to the police on duty in a residential street near Mr. Liu Weiming, see alarm. Liu said he had just returned home from a business trip and found his wife and a man in the house, his wife refused to open the door, the police then tried to call his wife Liu Zhao’s mobile phone to understand the situation. "He’s not my husband. I’m at home. The man in the house is my new boyfriend." For police questioning, Zhao explained. Hear this, standing on the side of Mr. Liu finally admitted that they have agreed to divorce. In this regard, the police said, such as Mr. Liu and his ex-wife have contradictions, can be resolved through judicial procedures. False police report to him about the matter, the police Liu left after education. Not long after, the police also received an alarm, the other said the harassment. Police found that the police where they had just been to the District, and the alarm is zhao. Police return, once again at the door to see mr.. At this time, Mr. Liu, the mood is very excited, not only to pry the door of Ms. Zhao’s bad, also smashed the glass door of the building fire hydrant unit. Mr. Liu said to the police, he and Zhao divorce agreement, agreed to their son to follow in his life, and his ex-wife has not let him take the child, and he saw a strange man appeared his ex-wife home, only the extreme behavior. According to Mr. Liu’s behavior, the police can not explain the stern warnings for personal family conflicts smashed deliberately damaged public facilities. Due to Zhao’s home has been unable to open the door to the door, the police again through the phone to communicate with MS. zhao. In order to prevent Mr. Liu to make drastic moves, the police came to his friends to help appease some of their emotions. Liu’s friends came forward, Ms. Zhao eventually agreed to take her son to her ex husband. Subsequently, the police came to unlock the company staff, Zhao’s door open, so that Liu and his friends will take away the child.相关的主题文章: