Male infertility, symptomatic treatment to fertility! Sohu with the worsening of environment, maternal body disease incidence increased, the changes in lifestyle and physical and psychological pressure increase, the incidence of male infertility is more and more high, more and more the cause of infertility. There is no cure for male infertility caused by various causes. Treatment of male infertility, should do a systematic examination to identify the cause, symptomatic treatment, so as to achieve the desired results. So, in the face of various factors caused by male infertility, how to treat it? Abnormal sperm semen treatment is the main cause of male infertility, male infertility, mostly due to the number of healthy sperm, sperm deformity or low sperm motility. Male semen abnormalities will not only cause the female to be pregnant, will cause Taiting education, abortion, premature infants and children with congenital defects, is not conducive to eugenics. The main causes of abnormal sperm semen include testicular spermatogenic dysfunction, inflammatory infection, varicocele, abnormal semen liquefaction, immune diseases, endocrine diseases and bad habits. Therefore, the treatment must be based on the cause of disease symptomatic classification treatment, in order to achieve the desired results. First of all, it is necessary to treat the primary disease leading to abnormal sperm sperm, repair the spermatogenic function, improve the environment of sperm growth, and eliminate the influence of disease on the formation and growth of sperm from the source. Secondly, through scientific means, improve the survival rate and sperm viability, reduced sperm deformity rate, improve the quantity and quality of sperm, rapid return to eugenics standard. Varicocele is one of the most common male diseases, and the proportion of male infertility is about 1/5. Varicocele will increase the average temperature of 0.6 degrees Celsius, interfere with spermatogenesis. The stagnation of venous blood affects the metabolism of testis, so that local hypoxia, the accumulation of metabolic waste, toxic spermatogenic cells and sperm. The sperm count is small, the activity ability is reduced, the abnormal sperm is high, thus causes the male sterility. Varicocele according to the severity of the disease can be divided into three levels. Treatment should be based on the condition to choose the appropriate treatment. A drug for the treatment of many patients, and even the use of acupuncture, folk prescription treatment, lead to illness dragged on, Jiuzhibuyu, years of infertility. Experts pointed out that the I grade II and mild illness, can be treated with drugs as appropriate; grade III of severe illness, surgery and drug treatment effect is ideal, nursed back to health, to male fertility treatments! Unexplained infertility treatment in addition to the above two kinds of high incidence of disease, there are some unexplained male infertility disease, clinically known as unexplained male infertility. Because of unknown etiology, so the treatment methods to combine the patient’s constitution, living habits, mental and psychological factors into consideration, and the need for real-time observation of the patient’s condition changes, according to the recovery schedule adjustment treatment focus, help patients with rapid recovery, restoration of fertility. Experts advise: sperm growth usually takes only 75-90 days. Therefore, as long as the timely medical treatment, choose the right treatment, you can cure disease.相关的主题文章: