Home-Based-Business Caught amid the need for safety, access to medical care and other basic comforts, a growing number of senior citizens now prefer to stay in retirement resorts, which promise all these, apart from a dignified life with unmatched freedom, Spurred by rising income, change in mindset and increased life expectancy, a growing number of senior citizens now prefer to stay in contemporary retirement homes or resorts than languish in the quintessential old-age homes that they feel are ‘unsafe’, apart from being ‘overcrowded’. And the immense growth potential of this segment, with its unique needs and promises, offers an array of opportunities to the Indian real estate developers. No wonder, many of them have already forayed into this segment, including Ashiana Housing, LIC HFL, Rakindo Group, Paranjape Schemes, Classic Kutumb and Riverdale Retirement Resorts Pvt, with their projects being operational in major cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. Talking about the concept of retirement homes, Ankur Gupta, joint managing director of Ashiana Housing Ltd, the pioneer of retirement resorts in India, says: "Retirement resorts have replaced the earlier concept of old age homes. That is because while the later symbolized the last option for the needy and abandoned elderly, the former is a pleasant concept which promises to make life after retirement not drab, but a celebration." The idea of retirement colonies, in fact, caught up with the west many decades ago due to socio-economic changes in those countries. And in today’s scenario, living away from children in the golden years is an accepted norm there. Compared to that, the concept of retirement resorts has started appealing to the instincts of the elderly in India only in the past five years or so, but since then it is fast gaining ground here. According to various studies, there are already 4,000 estimated units in this segment, which are expected to grow up to 20,000 in the next three years. A majority of these developments have 50-100 units in the resorts or complexes and the range of units varies from 1BHK to 3BHK units, resorts and studio apartments. The reasons for such kind of growth, however, can be attributed to many factors, including a considerable increase in the affordability factor due to economical growth, improved medical care witnessing longevity graph going upwards, socio-economical changes in the society, improvement in the economical conditions of the elderly people, as well as nuclear family norms being adopted by the urban populace, among others. "The fast collapse of India’s traditional family support system has given rise to an increased number of nuclear families in the country. In India, more than 60% of households are nuclear and 8.94% of the population is aged 60 plus, indicating that the aged are in greater need of support than ever," says Saumyajit Roy, AVP of Senior Living, Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj. Another very important factor working in the minds of senior people is medical care and security. Having grown old, many of them are apprehensive about security threats in the cities if they are living without their family members. Thus, caught between the need for safety, access to medical care and other basic comforts, a growing number of senior citizens now prefer to stay in retirement resorts because they promise not only a safe and dignified life for them, but also unmatched freedom, independence of living and uncompromised lifestyle. Retirement resorts – premium housing facility for retirees – offer a multitude of facilities to their occupants who no longer have to worry about their daily household needs and security issues. Rather, they can opt for an active lifestyle and utilize their time in recreational activities and suitable companionship. Amenities like round-the-clock security and medical assistance commensurate with the need of old age and a modern lifestyle, which many people have become accustomed to, will be available in the campus," Ankur Gupta says. But with increasing competition in this segment, property developers are also feeling the need to differentiate their offerings. "There are arrangements for prompt response to medical emergencies by way of doctors, ambulances and tie-ups with nearby hospitals. Some projects also offer continuing-care units for ailing residents. These living spaces are being designed for the aged and their day-to-day needs," Saumyajit Roy chips in. Talking about their own projects, Gupta says, "As a pioneer in this concept in India, we not only provide a roof, but an Ashiana fully equipped with all the desired amenities for its senior citizens. State-of-the-art facilities and amenities like senior-friendly architecture and fittings are there, ensuring greater safety. For example, corridors are so wide that they allow a wheelchair to swivel. And if there is an emergency, one simply needs to pull the emergency response system, and someone will assist that person shortly. Also, everyday events like cookery contests and ladies coffee break are organized with a view to bust stress and boredom. We have also come up with the concept of ‘assistive living’ within Ashiana Utsav. And most importantly, we don’t leave our customers after sales." Ashiana Housing has already delivered over 90 lakh sq ft of constructed area, and now, its plan is to bring Utsav Retirement Resorts to at least 10 locations in north, south west and eastern India. Apart from retirement, it also has about six projects coming up in group housing. Like Ashiana, some other property developers in this segment have also got big plans up their sleeve. However, "While opportunities exist, it is important to comprehend the environment in which seniors exist in India. It is imperative that , real estate developers understand and acknowledge the unique requirements of the elderly while catering to the sector because the aged population faces numerous issues, typical of the sunset years of their lives. The nuances of old age need to be thoroughly recognized by India’s developers," Roy says. 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