Internet-and-Business-Online Making money online, is it too good to be true? We have all heard the sayings "there is no such thing as a free lunch" and "if it looks too good to be true then it probably is" and those sayings have most likely protected us from unscrupulous con-men over the years. It is still true today of course but with one big difference, the Internet! Buyer beware has been shouted from the over-cautious rooftops when looking at investing in any business, online or offline. The sobering careful attitude to protecting our hard earned cash is instinctive and this coupled with the vigilant advice to tread cautiously and don"t believe everything you hear or are told reinforces the mantra "…too good to be true…" Remain on guard for sure, but open your mind to what is possible in this day and age and look at the proof and statistics of just what can be achieved. Those sayings that have served us so well over the years and still do in many ways, .e from a time way before the Internet and the enormous opportunities it gives us access to. Never before in history could you press a button and despatch a sales message to hundreds or thousands or more of potential customers. Never before could you furnish buyers with a picture or a book at the click of a mouse, or send a recorded voice message the same way. Apart from television advertising which was and still is notoriously expensive to make and then show, could you deliver a movie explaining the benefits and the reasons why someone should buy, join, send for, or whatever action you want your potential customer to take. These actions have been responsible for the acquisition of tens of thousands of Pounds and Dollars in profits in days, often even in hours from the click of a mouse. The internet and video/audio/digital media has enabled anyone who has the desire to learn how-to, to have an unprecedented customer base at his or her fingertips from the .fort and tranquil of their own home. Think about it, when in history could you access your target market almost instantly and with such a small budget or no cost at all in many cases. That"s not to say you can do it without effort, no, learning is most certainly involved if you want to do something meaningful, but the point is this type of vendor-buyer contact was utterly unheard of not that long ago and would be met with disdain and ridicule if someone were bold enough to suggest it were possible, "too good to be true" would be the outcry, or "never in a million years". The truth is that with some knowledge backed by strong cohesive attitude required for success in any business, Inter. Marketing gets really close to "a free lunch", for want of a more appropriate metaphor. The upshot is that just because a view was current at some time in history doesn"t necessarily make it true today. To ignore the incredible economic power of online business is akin to missing a once in a lifetime opportunity. Look again with fresh understanding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: