Arts-and-Entertainment Magento Development is gaining momentum in e.merce world. I will try to discuss some of the key points that I believe are necessary for the delivery of a successful e.merce solution. Magento Website Development is a hugely popular choice for all levels of e.merce businesses so it’s important to approach a .pany that can support, implement and deliver to your current and future e.merce requirements. Magento E.merce .es in 2 main flavours: Enterprise and .munity. Magento Enterprise is aimed at the enterprise retailer who needs a platform that offers a .plete e.merce solution that has an enhanced feature list to deal with the demands of a successful trading business. There is an annual license fee attached to this but is offered at a fraction of the cost to similar enterprise level this license for you or you can approach Magento E.merce directly for the license. The license fee is $14,420. Magento Development .pany is aimed at the self-starter and the smaller businesses who want a robust and flexible platform that they can begin trading online quickly. The .munity edition has no license fees attached. Magento Development Skills have been mastered up by the developers who efficiently manage all the projects. If you choose a .pany who does not have the skills or experience in this area, then you will most likely experience problems with integration and project delays which a more experience and skilled e.merce development .pany would have avoided. For example you may have a successful e.merce store already but it now needs to be upgraded and be better integrated with your internal system. In this case you should approach a Magento development .pany that has experience and skilled Magento developers who understand and can implement system integration. If you approach a .pany that does not have any experience in working in partnership with other 3rd parties or have never integrate with other systems before, you may find that they end up learning on your project which could add delays, low levels of coding standards and most importantly loss of trust with you and the 3rd parties they are work with. The location of the Magento .pany is also important. Choosing a Magento developer which is local or easily accessible would help you deal with projects having multiple face to face meetings. .panies that are not easily accessible to you will incur extra for travel time, travel costs and transportation which may not have been factored in your budget. These are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a Magento development .pany but ultimately you should choose Magento developers that you are .fortable with and who you have the confidence deliver the e.merce store that meets with your business needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: